List of airports in Spain

  • BCN - Barcelona
  • MAD - Madrid
  • AGP - Malaga
  • VLC - Valencia

Barcelona Airport (BCN)

Barcelona airport. Barcelona El Prat Airport is located approximately 12 kilometers southwest of downtown. It is the largest Catalan airport and the second largest in the country, after the famous Barajas Airport in Madrid. Vueling Airlines and Spainair are based here, offering affordable tickets. Most flights from European and North African destinations go here together with domestic routes. A smaller number of flights target Southeast Asia and Latin and North America.

Madrid Airport (MAD)

Madrid Barajas airport is one of the air ports of Spain.

Madrid’s Adolfo Suarez Airport, located in the Barajas district, has been gradually expanded and modernized not only by the Spanish government, but also by financial injections from the European Union, so that it consists of four relatively large terminals. After all, the fourth of them not only excels in its impressive architectural design, but is also one of the longest in the world. Shuttle buses will take you between the individual terminals: their stops are right in front of the terminals. If you change to another flight at the same terminal, expect it to take you a full 45 minutes. When moving between terminals, you must have two hours. At Barajas Airport, as it is commonly called, not only CSA and Iberia planes land, but also low-cost airlines offering very affordable flights, including Rynair, Air Europa and Smart Wings.

The center is less than 12 km away. The airport has 4 terminals, which may be worse for orientation.

Here you will find ATMs, currency exchange, shops and restaurants.

Malaga Airport (AGP)

Málaga Costa Del Sol - Airport located about 125 km from Gibraltar and 3 km from the center of Malaga.

Valencia Airport (VLC)

Valencia Airport. The center is metro from Valencia Airport.

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