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Quito (UIO)

You should see the most beautiful natural sights of Ecuador

Ecuador is a very small South American state, compared to other states in the region. We can lure you into the diversity of its nature in which it has no competition. Half a day on Ecuador you can see many interesting - sandy beaches on the Pacific coast, desert coast, mangrove forests, steep slopes of the western Andes, mountain peaks, grassy ecosystem Paramo, volcanoes and foggy forests, hundreds of waterfalls, rivers and the endless forest of the Amazon. The Galapagos, which belongs to Ecuador, is also two hours away.

Cotopaxi volcano

Cotopaxi volcano is the most beautiful volcano in South America. It has a perfectly symmetrical shape and a peak covered with a layer of iceberg. Recent volcanic activity has stopped tourists' favorite but challenging ascents to its peak. You can set up a tent around the volcano and enjoy the sunrise.

Machalilla National Park

The main reason to visit Ecuador is this national park. Here you will find a well-preserved dry tropical forest, beautiful beaches and in season you can go on a boat to sea to watch the fish.

Waterfalls near Banos

Under the active volcano Tungurahua you will find a spa town from where you can head to the waterfalls. On a 20-kilometer journey through the Pastanza River Valley you will find dozens of waterfalls rushing down the Andean slopes. You can take the trip in the car, by bike or as a hiker.

Andes near the Columbia border

In the far north of the Andes, there is only a minimum of tourists and spectacular views. The alpine system Parámo awaits you with countless slopes, alpine lakes, unique forests and thermal spas. Taste local specialties or visit Colombia.

Laguna Quilotoa

At an altitude of 4000 m.n.m. lies the crater of the Quklotoa volcano, which fills a green lake that is more than 200 m deep.

Flights to Ecuador are waiting for you. Discover the beauty of nature.

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