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You haven't visited Mirabilandia yet? Error that you should fix as soon as possible!

If you love fun, adventure, roller coasters, and especially the sea in beautiful Italy, then the Mirabilandia Park is just right for you. The ISpeed, or super fast roller coaster, will provide you with an unforgettable experience, running at an incredible 120 km / h. A 90-meter mountain bike or super looping Katun is also worth a ride. The park also has a great water world full of perfect water attractions.

Mirabilandia theme park is located near the seashore in the Italian part of Emilia Romagna, the attractions are divided into several parts, so bring the youngest children. There are also various shows and performances, a 4D cinema and a nightly laser show with fireworks. Everyone will find exactly what they love!

Don’t miss comic acrobatics, glamorous musicals, or even a stunning stunt show with cars and motorbikes.

In addition, every adrenaline lover can enjoy a free fall from the 60-meter-high Discovery Tower, or on the contrary, take off into the clouds by firing from the Columbia Tower.

You’ll also find Phobia’s Horror House where you will experience horror adventures among scary monsters! The youngest visitors to the park will have fun in the maze and swimming pools with colorful balls. They can also take a trip to the largest dinosaur empire, Dinoland!

On hot summer days you will find refreshing entertainment at great water attractions (rafting and waterways with geysers, waterfalls, water slides, etc.).

Take the magic of this stunning amusement park, take your kids on a dream vacation where they will definitely not get bored on a hot beach, but they will perfectly discharge their infinite child energy.

buy cheap only with us, book your tickets on time and save even more money!

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