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You can go to the Dead Sea all year round - you won't be bored

The azure blue, glistening water surface is not only attractive for bathing and body painting with healing mud. It is a historical symbol of interest to the ancient Egyptians, Nabateans, Romans. Israelis watch the Dead Sea like an eye in their heads.

They travel to the Dead Sea all year round. Thousands of tourists come here every year, who come here not only for bathing because of their health, but also because of its history. It was built resort Ejn Bobek, where you can find cheap and luxury hotels. You can not only heal, but also walk to the desert valley of Nahal Bobek, where you can walk through the rocks of the Judean Desert and hide in the shade of trees.

The ancient kibbutz oasis of Ein Gedi is a national park, located to the west of the Dead Sea, near Masada Fort, which is a very popular tourist destination. It was built in the first century BC by Herod the Great. It is famous for its refuge and death found by Jewish rebels against the Romans. You will be enchanted by the local botanical garden as well as the pleasant ponds for swimming.

At the entrance to the sea there are refreshment stalls and sun loungers, undisturbed the beauty of the Dead Sea. Ein Gedi Bath is located three kilometers south of Kibbutz. The country is full of mineral water and hot sulfur springs, and together with mud wraps, it provides space for healing and detoxification of the organism, as well as part of the beach and the sea. Water in the Dead Sea is 10 times saltier than the Mediterranean Sea.

The Dead Sea is a salt lake that does not flow and stretches between the West West Bank and Israel. Located 420 meters below the surface of the world ocean, it is the lowest exposed spot on the surface of the earth. Its depth is maximum 380 meters.

Explore the beauty of the Dead Sea and lie down in the mud cure. Just buy and stay in one of the luxury hotels.

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