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Neglected Madrid
Europe · Spain
Mar 04, 2018
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World cross-country races worth taking part!

Do you like running so much that you would like to try world races abroad and join them with traveling? Running in tempting, extreme conditions (desert or polar region) can be a pleasant change and an opportunity to gain new experience and motivation. Choose from 10 tips for cross-country races!

Fire and Ice Ultra na Islandu (29.8.-3.9.2016)

Distance: 250 km

Extreme long-distance races in Iceland have recently gained popularity. The organizers have combined and imitated the sand dunes of the Sahara, Antarctica glaciers, valleys and rivers of Europe and America, while enjoying the unique views and volcanoes of Iceland. The race route contains different types of terrain and thus requires the self-sufficiency of the competitors. Daily stages are usually between 30-40 km, the best competitors can handle up to 70 km.

You still have the last vacancies to book with an Iceland ticket now!

4 Deserts Atacama (2/10/2016) - Chile / Sahara 1.-7.5.2016 - Namibia, Antarctica 18.-29.11.2016, Gobi 19.-25.6.2016, China

The races of this series have a tradition of more than ten years and are increasingly popular. With its lucrative locations, size and great organization, it ranks among the most prestigious races in the world. All have more difficult terrain and conditions, and require complete self-sufficiency. Beds are provided in tents that are available. These challenging desert races are for top running experts, enthusiasts and lovers of every challenge. Over 250 km in any of these four deserts will definitely push you beyond your limits.

Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset in Mongolia (3.8.2016)

The wonderful Mongolian nature race is organized by EcoLeap, a non-profit organization that focuses on preserving Mongolian nature and the environment. The race track leads through the Hovsgol National Park. Its goal is to donate the entire proceeds of the plant to local communities and nature. So if you are attracted by a unique exotic atmosphere with a weekly stay in a small Mongolian community in the middle of a national park with sports activities such as trekking, horse riding or kayaking on a local lake, Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset is the perfect choice for this year’s stay abroad. In addition, the race is one of the qualifying races for the famous Ultra Trial du Mont Blanc and by completing it you will earn four points out of the needed 9. Register in time and book a ticket too!


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