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World cross-country races worth taking part! II.

Marathon Rapa Nui - Easter Island, Polynesia, Pacific Ocean (5.6.2016)

The island of volcanic origin named Rapa Nui is the most remote inhabited island in the world. The length of the island is only 24 km, but if you want to try something really unusual and unforgettable, Maraton Rapa Nui is definitely the right thing. Registrations are running and there are still vacancies. Do not hesitate, buy tickets for great prices today and save!

The Big Five Marathon in African National Park (25.6.2016)

The wildest of all marathons is one of 10 races for which it pays to travel. Look among rhinos, lions and elephants. The Big Five Marathon runs right through the African National Park.

This option is definitely worth it!

The Great Wall of China Marathon in China (21.5.2016)

The race leads the Great Wall of China and is definitely not one of the lightest. A hard surface, with 5,000 steps and a different climate can be a great challenge, but also a tough nut to crack.

The North Pole Marathon (9.4.2016)

One of the most extreme and northernmost marathons running at the North Pole, if you prefer a frosty climate rather than desert heat, the North Pole Marathon will suit you. Temperatures are well below zero.

The Polar Circle Marathon v Grónsku (29.-30.10.2016)

Another of the extreme tundra races at temperatures that often do not exceed -10 ° C. The race runs around glaciers, glacial moraine and over a quiet ice surface. You will also recognize one of the most remote and inaccessible areas in the world.

Transylvania trail - Bran, Transylvanian Alps, Romania (26th - 27th August 2016)

Do you long for an experience of exoticism in Europe? A series of races in the footsteps of Count Dracula in the Romanian Transylvanian Alps is a great challenge. The Transylvanian race is a wild and technically challenging race in the mountains. By completing Drakul’s ultratrial, you will earn three qualifying points out of the nine needed to qualify for the Ultra Trial du Mont Blanc.


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