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Oslo (OSL)

Where to go for great fishing trophies? Clearly to Norway!

If fishing in the Czech waters has satisfied you, let yourself be enticed by a pleasant change in the form of an exclusive holiday abroad associated with fishing. Not only among Czech fishermen, Norway is an increasingly popular fishing destination, besides extraordinary fishing experiences and catches, you will be enchanted by the beautiful Nordic nature.

Go on your own by air, we now have tickets to Norway at unbeatable prices!

It is up to you which part attracts you more, but it is usually true that the north is abandoned with a more desolate, magical, calm landscape where you can also see some species of game. You are also more likely to catch large and trophy fish.

The fishing season in Norway starts in February and ends in October, so start your season right here, in this cool but beautiful country!

Where do you enjoy the best catches? Be sure to try it on the high seas, in the fjords, on the rivers, but also in the lakes. .

Which fish species await you in this destination? Great catches are provided by cod, monocotyledon or dark fish, ling, hake, catfish, redfish, plaice, herring or mackerel. In the local rivers and lakes live mainly pike, perch, trout, grayling, and seasonally rivers and salmon.

Let yourself be tempted by the wild nature of Norway and set out on your life dream to catch a different kind of fish than you know from our dams and rivers.

Book the cheapest flight in advance and save so much more! Comfortable, air travel is a very popular way to travel abroad, enjoy your flight!

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