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Where to go for an active holiday

Do you like an active holiday? There are many places to go all over the world. Here are some tips for adventurous characters.

Visit the flooded caves in Mexico

Are you a traveler in Central America? On Yucatan you will find countless flooded caves where you can dive. The cave allows swimming in emerald clear water, surrounded by beautiful nature and you can also experience a unique diving experience. The caves have more floors and you can dive by encountering a cenote where fresh water turns into salt water. Diving is not for beginners.

Climb to the Nepal peaks

Mt. Everest is a place that nobody and nothing can take its grandeur. Climbing to the top is definitely not easy. You must have excellent physicality and high sporting goals if you are going to the Himalayan peaks, which will give you a unique view.

Conquer the volcanoes on the equator

Above tropical Ecuador rises a breathtaking volcano Chimborazo. From its top it is farthest to the center of the Earth. You can conquer the volcanoes Cotopaxi and Illinzia Norte, which must not miss any athlete. Volcanoes, snow cover and extreme weather of hot Latin America will show you what real extremes are.

The wild river only to Patagonia

In the wild Patagonia you can enjoy the wild plains, torn mountains and above all the roaring river. You can go rafting or kayaking on the Futaleufú River. It is not a fun and peaceful holiday, but an adrenaline sport that allows you to enjoy the beautiful nature and the high mountains and agricultural settlements stretching along the river.

Take a safari to Africa

Do you like zoo? How about going straight into the wild on a safari. Watching animals in African savannas will be a unique experience for you. You can visit national parks in Kenya, Tanzania, where an elephant, lion or cheetah can be seen from a few meters away. You can see herds of antelopes and giraffes.

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