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Where to go for a fall vacation?

Extend your summer if you get cold even under your coat! If you are not satisfied with the tropical heat that dominated the Czech Republic during the summer holidays, in the autumn you can still go to the sea, preferably where it is still warm.

However, not all resorts are suitable for an autumn holiday, if you expect a lounging on the beach.

In some countries, the right holiday season is just beginning. This applies in particular to the countries of North Africa - Tunisia, Egypt, and also the southern Mediterranean.

In Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, the Balearic Islands, southern Spain and southern Italy it is possible to bathe at least until the end of October. The sea, which managed to warm up during the summer, is usually warmer than in the spring.

If you are not dealing with the financial side, you will not spoil your holiday in places where it is warm all year round: the Caribbean, Seychelles, Florida, Thailand or Indonesia. In Thailand, the season starts just this month.

Children started school in autumn, go to the sea, for example, on your second vacation - without children. But thanks to more favorable prices and greater peace, this period is also suitable for the elderly holiday. However, autumn also offers excellent conditions for an active holiday. At lower temperatures, sports are better, more frequent winds will be appreciated by fans of surfing and sailing.

You will feel more comfortable walking around the monuments.

The disadvantage is the weather, when you have to prepare an alternative program, but it will always be worth it and you will enjoy your desired holiday.

Conversely, fewer tourists offer a great opportunity to get to know the locals better. Some places with the beginning of autumn get a more personal atmosphere, where there are no queues and crowds of tourists.

So where to go for the warmth and the sun? What about Crete?

After Spain, Crete has the largest number of beaches with blue flags. The most popular summer holiday resorts are the eastern part of Crete, Corfu, Halkidiki and the Dodekanesa archipelago. Plenty of clean beaches, beautifully clear sea - what more could you want?

Do you like Croatia?

Croatia can also go to the sea during September, but the weather is more capricious and the winds are stronger. The most suitable resort is south around Dubrovnik, the southern islands of Brac, Korcula or Vis. Dubrovnik is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with unique monuments. The pearl of the island of Korcula is the ancient city of the same name.

Egypt is a reliable tropical paradise

It is better to travel to Egypt in the autumn, on the Red Sea coast in October is about 30 ° C, the sea is heated to a pleasant 24 ° C. On the Sinai Peninsula, you can diversify your holiday by visiting the underwater nature park in Ras Muhammad, or on the African mainland by a trip to the Sahara.

Discover and relax in Turkey

The Turkish Riviera is situated in the hottest part of the Mediterranean, after a hot August the sea is heated up to an amazing 26 ° C, its temperature drops below 20 ° C during November.

Over 200 Turkish beaches boast the prestigious Blue Flag award, about half of which are on the Turkish Riviera. The cleanest and most popular beaches can be found in Alanya, Kremer and Manavgat.

You’ll love Tunisia!

Tunisia is one of the countries where it is better to go best in autumn due to high summer temperatures. Since the end of October, Djerba Island has been a good destination, where it is a little warmer than on the mainland. In the northern part are popular resorts Hammamet or Monastir, in the south are Stax or Gabes.

In autumn, the sea in Tunisia is pleasantly warm due to the hot summer. From mid-September to early December, you will find ideal conditions for an active holiday, including sailing, surfing and golf. Swimming in Tunisia is also suitable for families with children. Sandy beaches with gradual entry into the water allow even small children to enjoy themselves in the sea waves. To diversify your holiday, plan a trip to the Saharan oases or the ancient Carthage.

Very clean sea attractive for swimming?

In Malta, the sea is very clean year round.

The climate in Malta is strongly influenced by the humidity from the Mediterranean Sea, after a warm day the visitor awaits even very warm nights. You can swim until October, when the weather is still very hot. The beaches are fine sand, bathing is also possible on rocky plateaus, from where you enter the water on the iron steps.

The main tourist center is the northeast of the island of Malta. The best beaches include Paradise Bay and Golden Bay.

On Gozo, which is part of Malta, is the most interesting beach Ramla Bay with red sand. On Comino do not miss the beautiful Blue Lagoon, which is great for diving.

Do you expect a luxury holiday?

The beaches of the Canary Islands are clean, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura boast the cleanest beaches, blue flag awarded, offering great conditions for relaxing and swimming in the sea.

Canaries belong to destinations where there is a certainty of warm days all year round, perhaps because they are called “islands of eternal spring”. The islands are very diverse: on Tenerife you will find mountains, on Lanzarote the volcanic landscape, and on Fuerteventura’s long beaches, Gran Canaria tempts you to a busy nightlife. Simply, everyone here chooses what they expect and what they like.

Still not finding the right vacation?

You can go to Thailand at any time, the best is the period between November and March, when it is the least raining and average temperatures are around 30 ° C. The sea is very warm all year long, so tourists like to come here regularly every year.

Thailand is characterized by Buddhist temples and royal palaces in the capital Bangkok.

Do you long to see the coral islands?

Seychelles is about a hundred mostly low coral islands. You will love the humid, tropical climate with air and sea temperatures around 30 ° C. It is one of the most luxurious destinations.

Seychelles is the only place where wild turtle lives in the wild. Indeed, the paradise landscape is absolutely tempting and few people can resist it!

Did you love the Caribbean region?

The Caribbean Sea is ideal for swimming and air and water are very acceptable all year round. It is best to go to the Dominican Republic in November, when it is raining less, but the high season has not yet begun. Temperatures often exceed 30 ° C. The country has several beautiful national parks and a number of monuments to the oldest Spanish settlement.

Spend the fall of autumn in Florida

Florida peninsula is best to visit in late autumn. The air and water at this time are around 25 ° C, the clear sea washes beautiful beaches with fine white sand, lined with coconut trees. Remarkable is the Everglades National Park, where alligators and black panthers live.

Choose a suitable holiday today and book your holiday. Just buy tickets to your favorite destination at unbeatable prices!

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