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Tokio (TYO)

Where does Miyazaki and his neighbor Totoro live?

Disney rules the west, Miyazaki to the east. Such is the division of the world according to the lovers of cartoons. Who wants to shake hands with Mickey Mouso, head to Disneyland. Who wants to stand next to the monumental 5-meter robot from the celestial castle of Laputa, must go to the Studio Museum Ghibli. As part of the permanent exhibition and special exhibitions, you can see a genius who sketches impressive stories about finding his own identity.

Embark on Your Own Journey to Fantasy

The motto of the museum is: Let’s get lost together. To immerse yourself in the fantastic world of Miyazaki’s films and your own imagination, the distinctive architecture of the object also invites you. Spiral staircases run out of the rugged building, bridges are bridged, balconies and terraces protrude, stepped gardens spread over the rooftops, and everything is lost under the ivy and greenery. In the magical labyrinth you will discover dozens of imaginative details, links and attractions. Visitors under 12 years of age can, for example, board a giant plush replica of a cat bus.

In the Tri Hawks library and bookstore you can find the shelves recommended by the author himself. In Straw Hat Café, you will also get a special beer called Wind Valley, which has been brewed exclusively for the museum by the Dairy Kingdom Oratche brewery. On the ground floor you will learn about the history and art of animation. Five rooms on the first floor simulate individual parts of the animation studio. Follow-up exposure guides you through the complete creative process - from sketching, storyboards, coloring and background drawing. On the top floor you will find a souvenir shop named after the pirate band Mamma Aiuto.

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Flymeto - Where does Miyazaki and his neighbor Totoro live?
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Over half the world for a 12-minute bedtime story

However, the most important room of the museum is located in the basement. Saturn Theater features short films that bring fans from all over the world. Nowhere else will you see them, anywhere on the Internet you do not download them. Their uniqueness is exacerbated, among other things, by the restriction that says you can only watch one movie per visit. To see them all, you would have to come to the museum 10 times. Instead of each ticket you will receive a 35mm film strip that captures a few frames from a movie.

Tickets as such are a chapter for themselves. Whoever comes to the museum nablind, he does not look inside. While Totoro is standing in the box booth, he does not sell tickets. The safest way is to book them in advance online. Every tenth it is possible to buy tickets for the following month. Carefully calculate the time lag between where you will "stand on the ticket line" and the Tokyo Mitaka, order the alarm clock and click at one hundred and six at the right time. Tickets are regularly within a few minutes away.

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