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Christmas markets
Christmas markets abroad
Europe · Polish
Nov 27, 2015 2 min read
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How to proceed if I have a ticket

Your booking is paid and confirmed. E-tickets will be delivered to your mailbox within a few minutes. In case of low-cost flight carriers, you will receive an itinerary with reservation code. What should be your next steps?


You need to do a check-in to get your airplane boarding pass. The check-in can be done online or on the airport. Some carriers charge an extra fee for an on-airpot check-in, so we recommend you to check this with your concrete flight carrier. You should be on the airport 2 hours in advance, at least.

Online check-in

Online check-in can be done on the web pages of your flight carrier, after you log in to your reservation. To log in, you will have something like 6-digit reservation code (for example AB1C2D), which you have got with your flight carrier itinerary. To fill-in, you will need a id documents (passport, ID card …), which will be used during a travel by you. After that, system will provide you with a boarding pass, which you should printout.

Airport check-in

The counter check-in starts usually 2 hours in advance and ends 40 minutes before the flight leaves. Your counter number will be displayed on the departure board.


There is a carry-on baggage included in your air ticket fee. You should check the exact allowed dimensions and weight of this baggage on your flight carrier pages. If the checked baggage (which is carried in the cargo compartment) is not in the ticket price, it is usually possible to buy it on the Internet after login to your reservation or to the airport, where the purchase is more expensive. More carriers offer basic flights only with hand luggage these days, even in long-distance flights.

Flight information

If you want to have information about your flight (delay or cancellation), we recommend you to register your flight at (you can not enter low cost carrier flights). All changes on your flight will be sent to you via mail. If the flight is canceled just before departure, contact the airline, or try to find its representation directly at the airport.

Seating and other services

Seats and services such as food, special assistance, etc. can be purchased after you log in to your reservation.


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