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Turks and Caicos Islands
Beautiful vacation at Middle Caicos
Central America and the Caribbean · Turks & Caicos
Mar 02, 2016 2 min read
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What needs to be solved before going to exotic

Travel insurance

Be sure to remember before leaving. For a few crowns a day you can be protected against millions of medical interventions. Even if you are going on a quiet holiday, where you will sunshine 10 days in the resort, still insure. A healthy person like a rip may collapse an exotic bacillus, or inadvertently cause harm to someone else. And if you go on holiday adrenaline sports or other more action activities, arrange for sure as well.

International driving licence

If you plan to rent a car on site and cross the country, find out what kind of document you need to drive. Let us prepare an international driving license and, for sure, include the Czech one in the trunk. Usually an international ID card will do the trick, but in some countries you have to present both.


A passport is such a foundation, but still (or perhaps because of it) we often forget it. Prepare it in a prominent place and be sure to check its validity. We recommend that you also have a copy or a second passport issued before you leave (this is useful when traveling between states that are not in love). You can then carry a copy of your passport with you everywhere, while keeping the original in a safe place.


Before going abroad, it is good to go to a preventive medical check-up. You can also visit your dentist or gynecologist. Ordinary operations often cost quite different money abroad. Tell your GP about where you plan to go, recommend any vaccinations and tell you what to look out for outside Europe. Or stop by one of the vaccination centers that specialize in outings abroad.

Reduction to sockets

Even if you are only traveling in Europe, you may not be able to insert your mobile charger into a power outlet in some places. There are many different plugs in the world that differ in shape, safety and connection style. Find out in advance what sockets will be waiting for you in your destination and get the appropriate reductions.

Does it seem like too much work? Don’t worry, you do most of the things once or two. close in a few minutes and for reductions you can stop in the electrode on the way from work. And when you have completed all the formalities, you will enjoy your holiday excitement in full.

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