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What does not belong in hand luggage

Security check is always a little stress. Somewhere they let you pass quickly, elsewhere they thoroughly sew you through. What can you do to get through it as quickly as possible?

First, prepare well in advance. Traveling only with hand luggage has many advantages. On the other hand, you need to get everything into it. And this can be a problem with checking. Be sure to leave all forbidden things at home. These include, of course, weapons, explosives, chemicals, baseball bats, tools such as drills and saws or ice axes and climbing cats. Tent pegs and other camping equipment can also be a problem.

But what about such a razor blade or nail clippers? Find out what you can take on board and what needs to go to the luggage rack.

Pointed objects

Surprisingly, it is possible to have a knife in the hand luggage if its blade is not longer than 6 cm and wider than 1.3 cm. However, even he does not always pass security checks and ends up in the basket at the airport. If you normally carry the knife with you, unpack it from your pockets before you leave for the airport. With scissors it is similar, their blade must not be longer than 6 cm. Modern razors and razors on board can, their razor blades are small and hardwired into the head. The old razor after the grandfather, from which to remove the whole razor blade, but forget.

Flymeto - What does not belong in hand luggage

Electronics on board

Electronics such as laptops, mobiles and power banks need to be taken out of the hand luggage and personal luggage out into the plastic container. Be careful to have at least some energy inside. The airport staff may ask you to turn on the notebook and end up in the trash if you can’t. But it rarely happens.

Valuables and Metals

Pinets in the hair or zipper may beep when passing through the safety frame. Take everything out of your pockets carefully and make sure you have no buckles on your shoes. This is because security personnel may ask you to put on your shoes and put your shoes on the belt. It is often easier to unload the wallet together with the electronics. Some airports want it, others don’t. Think of dioptric and sunglasses, too, and they have to wear a belt for a while.

Fluids and cosmetics

Small cute cosmetic bottles really have a price. You can take a maximum of 1 liter of liquid on board, divided into 100 ml doses. If you appear at the airport with a bottle of 200 ml shampoo, it will throw you away, even if it is only a quarter full. The same applies to toothpaste, if the package has more than 100 g, it is necessary to squeeze a part into a smaller container. You can then stack them in lockable bags that are available in front of the checkpoint for free and speed up your passage. You can pack them at home, but get bags with a maximum size of 20 × 20 cm. Also remove the cosmetics on the belt before checking.

It is similar to drinking on board. Amounts greater than 100 ml will not pass. Empty and liter bottles, but you will not throw away. Simply go through your own bottle check and fill it with water before boarding.

See also how much baggage you take each airline or how much you pay for checked baggage.

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