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Slovenia is a sea and a pristine landscape
Slovenia will offer you untouched nature and a wonderfully spent holiday. Here you will find greenery and beautiful nature and the sea. This small state offers ever better services and nothing prevents you from spending a pleasant few days or weeks here. By plane to Slovenia You can go to Slovenia not only on your own axis, but also by air. There is a regular direct flight from Prague and the flight time is about 65 minutes.
Apr 03, 2016 2 min read
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Why visit Saxony - Anhalt?
Airport · Leipzig · LEJ
Apr 18, 2016 2 min read
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What about food on the road?

How’s it going during the refreshment flight? Not all airlines offer free refreshments, but if so, what can you expect from it and how to arrange it? Below we will try to answer a few questions about air catering.

You will most often meet with free catering on long-distance lines lasting at least 5 hours. For shorter flights, the free refreshments are gradually being abandoned and currently form a maximum of a cup of water and a small sandwich.

Conversely, for long-distance lines, you can look forward to a full menu, which consists of an appetizer, main course, pastries and dessert. The main course usually has a choice of several options, of which at least 1 is a diet for vegetarians. Typically, there will be a choice of chicken or pasta. For better premium airlines, you can look forward to ice cream, for example. The possibility of a light snack during the flight is also standard. Just contact the crew and ask for more food. For really long flights over 8 hours, you will also receive a second service. Breakfast and dinner are usually served or vice versa.

How do you find out if something will be served on your flight? Usually, this information is provided immediately when purchasing tickets, or airlines will offer you a pre-order of meals during the purchase.

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Flymeto - What about food on the road?
Flymeto - What about food on the road?
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Special meals and diets

If you need a diet, you must inform the airline in advance and request a specific diet. You log in to the management of your reservation and choose a diet in the menu, or write to the seller and he will enter the request into the system.

You can choose, for example, between health diets such as:

Diabetic diet, gluten-free meals, diet meals with non-irritating diet, meals with low salt content, meals without lactose, low-calorie meals.

The offer of airlines also includes religious dishes, such as Hindu or Indian.

Choice of these variants is free. Another advantage is the pleasant fact that you will receive the special food first before starting the classic service.

Hungry flights or when food is not included in the ticket price

Absolutely all low-cost airlines will not offer you a cup of water during the flight. Whatever you want to have, you have to buy. On flights lasting at least 1 hour, there is an on-board sale, where you will find the most basic non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, biscuits, sandwiches and, on longer flights, also variants of hot snacks. You can find the current menu in the in-flight magazine. If you want to pay on board an aircraft, most airlines accept standard currencies such as euros, dollars, pounds and local currencies.

Own food on the plane

A very common question is whether we can take our own food on the plane and thus avoid the burned prices for refreshments from on-board sales. You can, but only under certain conditions.

All food you want to take on the plane must meet safety limits. That is, if your food is in a liquid state, such as snacks, yogurts, jams, etc., their volume must be up to 100 ml. At the same time, we also warn you to avoid strongly aromatic ingredients.

How to do it with drinking

Due to the safety limit of 1 dcl, you must hand in the bottle before the safety inspection. This rule can be “bypassed” by taking an empty bottle with you and filling it with water after a security check. Alternatively, you can buy a bottle of drink from vending machines or shops in the control zone.

Some airlines explicitly prohibit bringing your own food and drink. Also pay attention to the possible import of uneaten food into the state. Some states ban food imports.

Food for young children

Traveling with small children also requires a special diet. There is no 100 ml limit for children under 2 years of age and you can transport a larger volume. All you have to do during the security check is to open and taste the food container, or have it checked by a security guard in a special scanner.