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Maastricht (MST)

Water castle, amusement park and waterfall, visit Belgium

Maastricht is the oldest town in Holland, situated on the banks of the Meuse River. The local monuments are connected with military history. The main point of the city is the historic Markt square around the town hall, the old church buildings, the Romanesque church of Sint Servaas Basiliek and the Gothic church of Sint Janskerk. The local peculiarity and attraction is countless parks, in one of them - in the Aldenhofpark, there is a statue of the conqueror who brought the occupation, the famous d´Artagnan.

In this beautiful and interesting country - Belgium, only 14 km from Maastricht in the small village of Rijkhoven is a very large castle complex Alden Biesen. The water castle was founded in the 11th century, and today it is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Belgium. If you go here in the fall, you will witness a breathtaking international flower festival.

Famous festivals such as the Scottish Weekend and the International Storytelling Festival are held here regularly. The castle complex also boasts very large gardens and a church.

In addition to this castle monument, head to the most famous Belgian waterfall. Waterfalls are located near the village of Grand Coo, although it is only 15 m, is a beautiful spectacle.

The locality is popular with tourists, so you will find here many excellent restaurants and hotels. Near the waterfall there is an amusement park with lots of attractions, roundabouts and fast tracks.

Even to Belgium we have now, get to know a piece of interesting history of this country, which is bound by beautiful monuments scattered throughout the country. Plan a tasteful holiday or a weekend stay in Belgium in time, book your tickets well in advance! Cheap air tickets to Belgium and worldwide also online!

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