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Wandering around the lakes VII - the most beautiful volcanic lakes in the world

Do you know which lakes are among the most impressive and beautiful? We chose the best of the best!

Ijen, a crater-type lake was created by filling the crater with water. The volcano and lake of the same name can be found in Java, Indonesia. Ijen is the most famous and also the most beautiful of the group of crater lakes that is part of it. Its typical turquoise color is not suitable for swimming! It is a lake full of acid.

The sinking of the empty igneous chamber under the weight of the upper part of the soil creates calderer lakes. And one of them is Lake Coatepeque in Salvador, which is also the largest of the Salvador Lakes. There are also thermal springs around the lake. Coatepeque is interesting because in the middle of it is the island of Teopan, which originally served the Mayans for religious purposes. Today, the lake is widely used for water sports. Here you will find great conditions for an ideal holiday!

Japan’s largest volcanic lake is Lake Towada and is a very popular tourist destination. It is located in the mountainous and wooded part of Honshu with hot springs, famous for its unique autumn scenes.

The beautiful Mount Katmai was preceded by a massive eruption. Mount Katmai is part of the Alaskan National Park of the same name, where one of the biggest attractions of this park is about two thousand brown bears who come here regularly to hunt for multiplying salmon, which is an unbelievable delicacy for them.

Come with us again to explore the lakes around the world, some tempting to water games, others tempt our cameras to capture their beauty and uniqueness. You can buy cheap flights around the world only with us, every day we have great deals for traveling and to them

Book your time on the plane in time and set out on an adventure!

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