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Nice (NCE)

Visit the state almost twice as small as New York Central Park!

The second smallest country in the world is full of luxury cars and elegantly dressed people and splendid buildings, but even in this small piece of land you will find plenty of attractions to visit. Beautiful oceanographic museum with a charming underwater world stands at 80 m above sea level. on a cliff sloping into the sea off the coast of Monte Carlo. The magnificent splendid building towering above the clear sea will catch your eye at first sight. Do not miss the unique exposition of marine animal preparations and their skeleton. The building also offers various themed exhibitions and a library. However, the most visited part is the underwater world with plenty of aquariums. Here you can see more than 4000 exhibits of fish and invertebrates.

The Prince’s Palace offers a tour of several exhibitions including the Museum of Napoleon-related Objects and the staging areas.

Prince Rainier’s private collection of cars. you can see it at the Automobile Museum, where more than a hundred cars are exhibited, including the 1903 De Dion Bouton.

In the streets of Monte Carlo you can go to the cathedral, where Princess Grace, the wife of Prince Rainier III, is buried.

Monaco is a unique remnant of the medieval principality, with a contrast to the famous casino.

Maybe you will be attracted to the VC Monaco Formula 1, which takes place here every year. Don’t miss out on such a spectacle!

Book your Nice flights in time, from where you will be transported directly to Monaco; Get to know the tiny state firsthand, a nice piece of land near France will ensure a great weekend.

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