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Chengdu (CTU)

Visit the southwest of China - Chengdu

It is the capital of the province of Sichuan, famous for its excellent gastronomy. Gardens, tea rooms and a rich cultural life are an inseparable part of local people’s lives.

In the city you will see several interesting Buddhist and Taoist temples, beautiful parks and graves of the local rulers. Also interesting is the local Wenshuyuan monastery, which is the seat of the Sichuan chinese sect and is dedicated to the god of wisdom Wenshu.

An important monument of the city is the thatched hut Du Fua, which formerly belonged to the most famous poet of the Tang dynasty. There is also a museum that tells the poet’s life.

Take a look at the main Taoist temple of Qingyanggong from the 9th century, where the most interesting object is the Bagua Pavilion, which is supported by stone pillars with 81 dragons that surround the statue of the founder of Taoism Laozi.

You can relax in Chengdu’s most beautiful folk park, which offers a pleasant atmosphere between blooming flowers and ponds all year round.

One of the biggest tourist attractions in the area is only about 10 km away, it is a world famous panda breeding station. It is also the seat of a scientific institute, which deals mainly with the return of pandas to the wild. Although these black and white teddy bears are less active and spend most of their time eating bamboo shoots, do not miss the unique chance to see these beautiful animals with your own eyes and head to KLM for an unforgettable holiday in China!

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