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Visit the Gate to the Hells of Danakil

Why is Danakil, a place in South Africa a gateway to hell? It is the salt lakes that are heated by the sun and remind of hell.

The Danakil depression was due to the collision of submarine slabs in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden, when they stormed the East African break and returned. The depression is 155 meters below sea level, but it is not filled with water compared to other depressions.

Danakil inhabits the nomadic Afar tribe, whose legends Danakil truly designate as a gateway to hell. Legends also claim that the real gateway is the crater of Erta Ale volcano, part of Danakil. The volcano is active, the last time it made itself known this January. You can observe active lava lakes. The activity of the volcano has taken several lives in previous years.

Salt Lake Dallol

The salt lake Dallol is the warmest on earth thanks to its 35 ° C year-round temperature. It lies at a level of 116 meters below sea level. You will be captivated by the beautiful surrounding landscape, which, thanks to the volcanic eruption in 1926, changed from the inhospitable yellow desert to a beautiful, colorful and certainly not boring landscape.

Danakil is a popular tourist destination. It is located in the northern part of Ethiopia, where you can also visit the waterfalls. You can stay at local campsites where guides will take you on a trip to Danakil as the lowest point on earth. The capital is Addis Ababa, which divides the northern and southern parts of this beautiful country. Tours to Ethiopia are a very interesting experience. Book and experience an unforgettable adventure. Ethiopia is Africa’s second most populous country. You can visit famous cities such as Adam, Bahir Dar, Gambella or Merkelle. You will be surprised by the diversity of the country. The Blue Nile flows through here and the largest lake is Tana.

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