Food is a symbol of family and hospitality of Vietnamese. Every family considers food to be a reason for cohesion. Food plays an important role in every celebration and event. Every day, family gathers at one table at least once. Vietnamese cuisine is one of the most famous things in the world and it is one of the healthiest. Meals are prepared mainly from fresh ingredients rich in vitamins and minerals. Lots of food is prepared without meat, so vegetarians will also enjoy themselves. An important part is many herbs with strong flavors that Vietnamese love.

Typical Vietnamese cuisine

Vietnamese cuisine is very tasty and prepared mostly from fresh ingredients. Most dishes are based on noodles or rice, often supplemented with meat of all kinds, seafood and lots of vegetables. Herbs are typical for Vietnam, especially coriander. The most famous Vietnamese dishes include Pho, Bun bo nam bo and nem ran or spring rolls.


Vietnamese national soup, Pho is popular all over the world and Vietnamese often eat it for breakfast or snack, no matter what time it is. The base is a strong broth with noodles and meat, scented with herbs such as coriander.

Nem ran

Nem ran, better known to us as spring rolls, are fried rolls served with fish sauce into which they are dipped. They can be made with meat or meatless. They are filled with glass noodles, grated vegetables, bamboo shoots, wood ear and herbs.

Bun bo nam bo

Bun bo nam bo is a traditional Vietnamese food. It is a large bowl full of noodles, roasted beef, vegetables (carrots, cucumber, cabbage) herbs, and roasted peanuts. The whole is poured with the prepared broth of water, fish sauce, rice vinegar, sugar, garlic and chili.

Bun Cha

Bun Cha is a dish from Hanoi, where it is also the most popular. The basic ingredients are noodles, grilled pork, and variations of vegetables and herbs. The whole thing is dipped into fish sauce.

Com tam

Com tam is a very tasty dish. This is broken rice with grilled pork, pickles like fermented carrot and radish, slices of cucumber and tomato and sunny-side-up fried eggs. The meat is marinated in fish sauce, with garlic, chili and herbs.

Banh xeo

Banh xeo is a crispy Vietnamese pancake or crepe. The rice batter is poured right in the hot skillet with onions, meat, shrimps, mung sprouts and beans. The whole thing is garnished with basil, mint, lettuce and eaten with your hands.

Nuoc mia

Nuoc mia is a drink served on hot summer days. This is refreshment deprived from sugar cane. The juice is usually flavored with other fruits and is served with ice.

Sinh to

Sinh to is a smoothie, prepared from any kind of vegetables or fruits blended with condensed milk or sugar. The whole drink is served with ice and drunk with a straw. It can be decorated with fresh fruits or vegetables. It can also be made of mixed fruits.

Food prices in Vietnam

Food in Vietnam is much cheaper than in other countries, but it depends on what area and in what facilities you will eat in. If you are looking for smaller businesses, restaurants or especially street food, you will pay approximately USD 0.22 - 2.22 for food. In tourist areas, the price in restaurants is a bit higher. For non-Vietnamese meals, you pay USD 4.32 - 6.47. Drinks, fresh fruit or juices that can be bought at any corner cost approximately USD 0.43 - 0.83. In conclusion, since food is very cheap in Vietnam, do not hesitate to taste a lot of local specialties.

Where to eat best in Vietnam

In Vietnam, you can find yourself almost everywhere, as it is one of the most popular places to eat in the world. It depends on the choice of food and business. If you choose what suits your taste, we guarantee that you will not be disappointed. The freshness of the food is guaranteed here. The dishes are full of vegetables and nutritious ingredients. Vietnamese love their food and are willing to pay for it. The cheapest dish can be eaten in street food. You can try more expensive restaurants, but also fast food stalls.

What to know next about Vietnam

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