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Vacation in Rhodes

From: #flymeto   |   Sep 30, 2015

The capital of Rhodes offers both modern and old part. In the new part there are many shops, hotel complexes and companies. People live here as elsewhere in Europe. The historical part of the city hides many monuments and thousands of tourists flow here. The old part is a UNESCO monument. It is surrounded by old stone walls and you will find many Byzantine and ancient monuments. Important sights can be seen while driving a small train.

It is an island offering a variety of entertainment from hiking, sightseeing to sports. You will also find untouched nature here and enjoy silence and tranquility. A popular tourist resort is Faliraki, located 15 km from the capital Rhodes. It is a set of hotels and villas where you can stay. The resort has many bars and taverns that line the 5-km beach. There are no historical monuments in the town.

Another popular resort is Kolymbia, located 25 km south of the capital Rhodes. Here you will find lively nightlife as well as peace and quiet on the beaches. Rich clients visit the town of Ixia. Here are mainly private residences and luxury hotels. Another popular destination is Lindos. There are many hotel complexes.

From the sights you can visit the bay of St. Paul, Lindos acropolis, St. Mark, the castles of Monolithos, Kritina. You can also head to the lighthouse at Prasonissi or the ancient city of Kamiros. To move around the island you can rent a car. You can get to the island by air, you can get here from Prague in 13 hours. let you leave.

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