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Uzbekistan Khiva, a pearl lost in time

In the west of the country lies the ancient city of Khiva, where you wander through its beautiful streets easily forget time.

Behind the massive clay walls is the old town of Ichon Kala. Come and sit in the shade of minarets and at least for a while enjoy this fabulously beautiful place.

The main street of Pahlavona Mahmoud is packed with a variety of shops and small teachas hidden under the branches of trees, and is also scented with genuine Uzbek tea sweetened with homemade plum jam, which is drunk here every morning.

You can buy hand-carved tools, bronze coasters, scarves, colored fabrics, handicrafts and last but not least, small souvenir memories.

People are very kind and “playing in all colors”. Girls walk dressed in flowered clothes and walk gracefully through the streets. They also have a stylish umbrella to protect them from the bright sun and a glowing face.

Local exoticism has always attracted tourists and adventurers from all over the world. The oriental beauty of the city of Khiva, full of famous palaces, is admired by anyone who comes here or is about to come.

At the end of the street is the Kalta Minor minaret, a symbol of the entire old Khiva, although it has never been completed.

It is only 26 meters long, but it is one of the monuments that will be written forever. Turquoise color of the minaret, orbiting belts filled with carpet-like decoration. And just before the summit is decorated with blue tiles Arabic calligraphy. He is touched by the glare of the sun’s rays, and the whole building seems to shine.

A large Medina of Amine Khan is a few meters away. Once a school, it is now a beautiful hotel.

The most beautiful view of the whole city comes from the viewpoint, located in the monumental Kuhna Ark Fortress, which can be accessed through the half-open wooden door. The brick walls are full of antiquity and the turrets above the entrance are lined with typical turquoise white patterns.

A narrow passage full of stone steps leads up to the lookout.

One of the most visited places throughout Khiva is the tomb of the legendary Pahlavon Mahmoud. His fame has risen to such heights that the locals now consider him his patron. Behind the entrance you will find yourself in the courtyard with a small well. People throw coins inside, immerse the tied glass in water and take a few sips because they believe in its healing effects.

The highest place to climb in Khiva is the 57 m high Islam Hari minaret. There are 118 stone steps spiraling inside the minaret, but at the very end there is an incredible view!

Don’t miss the diamond-glowing Chiva nightlife and the typical architecture of ancient times.

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