America is a very attractive and popular destination for vacation or exploring. It is one of the most sought-after countries among Czech citizens due to its diversity. There are more than 300 international airports in the USA and a large number are easily accessible from all over Europe. From Prague you can get directly to New York, Chicago and Philadelphia, and with one transfer to almost all famous cities, such as Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, etc.

Before you buy tickets

Before you buy a ticket to the USA, it’s good to know what to expect about your vacation. In terms of weather, there is no bad time to travel to America. It is also necessary to buy tickets well in advance, but at least 2-4 months, even half a year in advance, the best flights are usually sold out. Tickets bought later are much more expensive. Good prices are on average between 10 - 15,000 CZK, depending on the destination.


In terms of weather, no time to travel to America is bad

Visas not required

Just fill in the ESTA electronic form

To the United States

Lety do NYC od 8.5 tis. Kč

330 million

US population in 2019

How much does a ticket to the USA cost

The price of tickets to the USA varies greatly depending on the destination. There are cities where you can get cheaply and, conversely, cities where we can definitely not get cheap. For example, you can easily get to New York under CZK 10,000, but the average price to Las Vegas is around CZK 18,000. Other popular destinations include Miami, where the price is around CZK 12,000 and Los Angeles, for example, CZK 13,000.

Flights to New York

Price of the cheapest return flight from London to New York, EUR

Flights to Los Angeles

Price of the cheapest return flight from Edinburgh to Los Angeles, EUR

When to buy a ticket to the USA

It is good to buy tickets to the USA 2-4 months before the scheduled departure. It is definitely good to follow the actions of air carriers to make the price as favorable as possible.

Best day to fly to the US

Ticket prices to the US vary considerably throughout the year. The cheapest dates are from autumn to spring, except for Christmas and New Year. On the contrary, the highest prices are during the summer holidays, when tickets are twice as expensive.

FAQ for buying tickets to the USA

Here are some common questions and answers about airfare to the US. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us either via online chat or via email.

What airlines fly to the US?

From the Czech Republic, the USA, more precisely to New York, Philadelphia and Chicago, can be reached by direct connection with Delta Airlines, United Airlines and American Airlines. With no other cities is Prague directly accessible. There are several airlines flying from Prague with one transfer. From the cities of neighboring countries, you can get to the USA directly with Austrian Airlines, LOT Polish Airlines, Lufthansa or low-cost Eurowings.

How long does a flight to the USA take?

Flight time to the US varies depending on the destination, as well as the price of the ticket. On the east coast it takes short-haul flights of about 11-15 hours and on the west coast it is a bit longer, 14-18 hours. The length of the transfer depends on the price. The shorter the transfer, the higher the price.

What airlines fly to New York?

From the Czech Republic and the surrounding airports of neighboring countries, we can get a direct connection to New York. You can fly without a transfer:

  • Departure from Prague: Delta Airlines flies to JFK and United Airlines during the summer season
  • Departure from Vienna: Austrian flies all year round
  • Departure from Budapest: year-round connections are offered by LOT to JFK
  • Departure from Munich: year-round Lufthansa United Airlines
  • Departure from Berlin: year-round United Airlines and seasonally Delta Airlines to JFK

Direct connections are usually more expensive than connecting flights.

Several airlines fly to New York, both low-cost and regional airlines. Due to one of the most visited destinations, many airlines fly here: United Airlines, American Airlines, Emirates, KLM, LOT, Austrian Airlines, Iberia, Norwegian, British Airlines, Lufthansa and many others. There are really a lot of airlines.

How long does the flight to New York take?

The flight time to New York depends entirely on the length of the transfer. The direct connection lasts 8 hours when flying back and forth, it is 9 hours flight. The usual flight time with a transfer is on average from 10-16 hours.

What airlines fly to Los Angeles?

Promotional prices often also apply to direct connections, but don’t just focus on them. Most cheapest flights go to Los Angeles with one transfer offered by most major European and American airlines, whose quality does not differ much. However, if you prefer only a direct connection, use the following:

  • From Vienna: Austrian Airlines (only from May to October)
  • From Munich: Lufthansa
  • From Frankfurt: Lufthansa

How long does the flight to Los Angeles take?

A direct flight from Europe to Los Angeles takes about 12 hours. If your journey leads with transfers, it will usually take between 15 and 22 hours.

Where to buy flights to Los Angeles?

Don’t sit for long hours looking for action tickets. [Ticket Finder](/ destinations) finds you fast and cheap flights to all over the world exactly to your preferences.

What to do after landing in Los Angeles

There are a large number of different bus companies to the airport to different parts of the city and its surroundings. Flyaway buses, airport shuttle buses, shuttle services to car rentals and hotels, and long-distance connections run directly to the terminals. They always leave from the second platform on the arrival floor and are clearly marked. The fare is paid by the driver.

The fastest way to many parts of Los Angeles is provided by Flyaway buses (see official website) on four routes:

  • Downtown Los Angeles (Union Station): driving time 75 minutes, buses run 24 hours, $ 9.75
  • Hollywood: travel time 70 minutes, buses run 6: 15-22: 15, 8 USD
  • Westwood, Van Nuys: There is only every 2nd connection to Westwood, driving time around 100 minutes, buses run 24 hours, $ 9.75
  • Long Beach: the journey takes 70 minutes, buses run from 5:30 to 22:30, $ 9.

Where to buy tickets to the USA

[Conveniently search for flights to the USA on our portal](/ destinations). For babysitting the best prices will help you our watch dog, which can be set according to own required preferences. In case you are not with the purchase and Searching for sure whenever you can contact our customer service via online chat or email

What to do after landing in the USA

Once you land in the United States, you first go to an immigration check, where you need to present a valid visa and travel document. Classic visas have been replaced by electronic ESTA, which you can get online for a few minutes in a few minutes. There is only one page where you can do ESTU, and that is An immigrant can ask you basic questions about why you are going to the US, whether you have a family here, where you work, whether you have a return ticket, etc. It all depends on what mood the check will be and how you will like it. Once you pass the immigration check, you go to pick up your luggage.

There are several modes of transport to move from the airport. It depends on the specific airport it offers, but mostly everywhere you can get to the center by taxi, bus or train or subway.

Why go to the US

New York Skyscrapers, Yellowstone Park, Alaska, California and Florida Coastlines, Hawaiian Palm Trees, Chicago Windy Streets. It is not possible to list it! The United States of America, as the largest and most complex country in the world, awaits us with countless attractions. You couldn’t even make a list, because something will always be missing. After all, a great American experience consists of so many: it includes green pastures and waves licking beaches, snow-capped peaks and endless pine forests, big cities teeming with restaurants and endless blue skies.

There are few countries where we can find such iconic cities as New York, San Francisco or the huge skyscrapers of Chicago. Next to them are extensive national parks, where everything is under protection, from the rainforest, through the desert, to volcanoes and geysers.

When we travel the continent, we can have the peaks of the Rockies, the Grand Canyon Valley, the bluish waters of the Florida Everglades, and the endless winding country roads of the country. But in the southwest is also New Mexico, Miami Beach, Florida and even the Caribbean, North and Central American archipelagos. As already mentioned, of the many attractions, everyone will find something to their liking.

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