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US Virgin Islands will pay you for a visit

From: #flymeto   |   Mar 03, 2019

US Virgin Islands may pay you a visit. The Caribbean paradise, the part of the Panama that belongs to the United States, attracted visitors to $ 300 in 2017 if they arrive for at least three days. The promotion was associated with the 100th anniversary of the moment when the US took over the part of the Virgin Islands, once belonging to Denmark.

How to get money for spending

You will receive the pocket money in exchange for having booked any accommodation on for at least 3 nights. You will receive $ 300 credits immediately with your booking confirmation. Credits will then be spent on a helicopter sightseeing flight, kayaking, diving, snorkeling, golf, sightseeing and other island activities.

The campaign aims to motivate visitors to get to know more than just their hotel from the islands, flawless beaches with fine white sand and cheap Caribbean alcohol.

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