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Up to the Amazon Forest

Amazonia - this is a place of endless greenery that is far from explored by humans. This place hides many animals and plants that are still unknown to humans. You can meet indigenous tribes or see pink dolphins.

Amazing World of Wonders

The Amazon rainforest is a vast area, covered with vast greenery and filled with many animals. It works like a natural DNA bank. Thousands of animal species live here. For example, Anaconda, one of the largest animal species on the planet or a jaguar that you may not see, but he sees you. It is the largest feline of the American continent, has a very well-developed sense of smell and strong grip teeth. You can also explore the Piranhas in the Amazon. They are a relatively dangerous animal that can attack humans if they are starved.

The Amazon is the world’s most watery river. Its common width is 2 - 10 kilometers, in the rainy season even 50 km, at the mouth up to 250 km. Its exact depth is not measured, it is something about 25 - 100 meters.

Manaus forest metropolis

Manaus is a city located in the heart of the Amazon and its connection to the world is a huge airport with terminals for passenger and freight transport. You can visit the Opera Teatro Amazonas building, which is a massive and opaque building with a dome in the neo-Renaissance style. There is also a copy of the famous French market Les Halles called Mercado Municipal. Every day 15,000 - 40,000 people pass through it. You can buy fresh fruits, vegetables and handicrafts, jewelery and precious wood products. Manaus is considered the gateway to the Amazon, where tourists from all over the world set out.

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