The UAE is a young country that has changed from a desert to a city full of skyscrapers, luxury hotels and contrasts over the last 50 years, such as an indoor skiing resort at an outdoor temperature of 45°C. That is why the UAE is becoming a popular destination for travelers, who can enjoy the beautiful beaches, rich underwater world as well as religious buildings and the bustle of the city. As the demand for this destination grows, so does the supply of tickets, several airlines from European cities provide this connection and thus influence ticket prices.

Before you buy tickets


The best time to visit the UAE depends on your preferences


Tickets during and around the weekend are more expensive

To Dubai

Flights from Prague to Dubai from 3900 CZK

Abu Dhabí

Ticket prices from 9900 CZK

Before you even buy tickets to the UAE, we recommend that you read our article about the weather in the UAE - and determine the destination of your visit. If you are going to spend a holiday on the beach, you should separate beach days from sightseeing days. The best time to visit the UAE therefore depends on your preferences and, of course, the price of the ticket.

How much does a ticket to the Emirates cost

The price of a ticket to the UAE and to other destinations depends on several aspects. During the holidays and vacations, tickets are usually the most expensive. However, the high interest of the traveler presses the prices down in a competitive fight in the main season and therefore it is good to be flexible and especially to look for departures from more places, not only from Prague. To find the best ticket price, we recommend using our flexible ticket price search on our site.

Ticket prices to Dubai

The graph describes the minimum prices of tickets found to Dubai and their increase by weeks. Additional data on the graph show average day and night temperatures and total precipitation, if data are available. Click on the individual columns in the graph to get more detailed current data from the search engine.

Price of the cheapest return flight from London to Dubai, EUR

Price of the cheapest return flight from Edinburgh to Dubai, EUR

When to buy a ticket to the Emirates

We recommend buying tickets several months in advance. To search for the cheapest flight on your chosen date, the watchdog on our website will serve you well, which will search for the best price for you.

Best day for departure to the Emirates

In general, if you travel on your own, it is better to fly in the middle of the week because tickets during and around the weekend are more expensive. Therefore, it is best to look for tickets with departure dates, for example, from Tuesday to Thursday. We will leave the number of weeks to the destination to your discretion.

FAQ for buying tickets to the Emirates

Do I have to get a visa before buying a ticket?

No, as an European, Australian or American citizen, you can fly to the UAE without a visa and you can get a visa for free after landing.

Which Emirate is best to fly to?

The UAE is a small country, so it doesn’t matter much where do you fly. The most important thing will be to monitor ticket prices, direct connections or the length of flights and passes.

What airlines fly to the Emirates?

You can only get to Dubai from Washington or Chicago without any stop, with Emirates Airlines. From Miami, you have two stops when using multiple airlines. If you are interested in flying to the nearby Sharjah International Airport, you can use the direct flight with multiple airlines which stop two or three times. From New York you can get to Abu Dhabi directly with Etihad Airways. From Heathrow London, you can fly to Dubai international airport with Emirates Airlines.

How long does it take to fly to the Emirates?

Direct flight from New York to Dubai takes at least 12 hours or 14 hours depending on your flight time. However, It is about 7 hours from London to Dubai. The length of the flight depends on the length of the stopover. You can see the distance in kilometers and the net flight time from each place in the following table.

Connection Distance in kmFlightDuration
New York - Abu Dhabi11,022.65 km13h 28m
Chicago - Abu Dhabi11,674.21 km14h 14m
Washington - Abu Dhabi11,348.98 km13h 51m
Miami - Abu Dhabi12,598.74 km15h 20m
London - Abu Dhabi5,471.96 km6h 51m
Sydney - Abu Dhabi12,050 km14h 59m
New York - Dubai11,007.67 km13h 26m
Chicago - Dubai11,644.20 km14h 11m
Washington -Dubai11,338.15 km13h 50m
Miami - Dubai12,599.99 km15h 20m
London - Dubai5,474 km6h 48m
Sydney - Dubai12,049 km14h 59m

Where to buy flight tickets to Dubai?

If you decide to buy a ticket to Dubai, you can do so. If you have any questions regarding the purchase, do not hesitate to write to us in our online chat or e-mail address. You can also contact us by phone. Contact at the end of this page.

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What to do after landing in the Emirates

After landing at the UAE International Airport, the first thing to do is to pass an immigration check. As an EU citizen, you will receive a 90-day visa valid for 6 months from the date of issue with the possibility of multiple entries, but the total number of days in the Emirates must not exceed 90 days. After passing the immigration check and claim your luggage, be sure to exchange some money at the exchange office at the airport or withdraw from an ATM (tip: preferably at your bank’s exchange rate).

There are two transfer options from Abu Dhabi Airport (AUH) to Abu Dhabi city center. The first, fastest and most convenient way to get around is to take a taxi. There are two types of taxis available at the airport; luxury or standard vehicles, which vary in service and price. A standard taxi will cost you around AED 80 to get to the center and the journey should take approximately 24 minutes. Public buses are much cheaper. There are two different bus options that will take you to slightly different parts of the city center, but both will cost you approximately 4 AED and take at least an hour until you get to the city because they have many stops.

Dubai International Airport (DXB) is considered the busiest airport in the world. The airport handles flights to and from Europe / Asia / America / Africa and Oceania 24 hours a day. However, Dubai Airport also offers passengers a seamless land transport network, mainly through various taxi services and frequent metro connections. A taxi ride from Dubai Airport takes approximately 15 minutes and costs an average of 62.50 AED. On the other hand, the train connection to Burj Khalifa Metro Station takes 24 minutes, which costs 4.20 AED per ride.

Why the Emirates

There is no lack of reasons why you should visit the United Arab Emirates. Located in the Persian Gulf, this small country is home to the tallest building in the world, the most luxurious hotels ever built and a mixture of tradition and novelty that is rare in other countries. The best reasons to visit the United Arab Emirates can be found in each of its 7 emirates, all of which offer their own unique experiences.

Abu Dhabi is home to the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Dubai’s tallest building in the world. In Sharjah, for example, you can find Sharjah Natural History Museum. The emirate of Fujairah offers the perfect contrast between mighty mountains and endless beaches. It is an ideal emirate for lovers of the sea and snorkeling, because its crystal clear beaches are full of marine life.

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