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Sarajevo (SJJ)

Unique Bosnia and Herzegovina attracts for a great holiday

Bosnia and Herzegovina hides not only beautiful nature, it is also interwoven with history and you will find plenty of sights here. Every historical period has left great traces in this country.

The oldest monuments are Bodanj cave paintings near Stolka and the archaeological site in Butmir near Sarajevo, in this country you will also see mosques, fortresses and oriental bazaars.

In the capital Sarajevo you must not miss the Bashcharshi - the main square of Islamic character. Several mosques adjoin the square and you will find one of the most impressive buildings of Ottoman architecture in the Balkans, the Gazi Husrev-begova mosque.

Also visit the Gavril Principo Bridge in Sarajevo, where the assassination of František Ferdinand d´Este was perpetrated, resulting in the unleashing of St. war.

Take a trip to the source of the river Bosnia, manage it with small children, or you can get there by a horse team, rickshaw or other carts, it will certainly enhance your overall experience of your stay in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Also reserve time to visit Banja Luka, where the 14th-century Vrbas Castle, the Orthodox Monasteries of Gomionica, Moštanica and Liplje and catacombs with a renowned restaurant are located. Nature admirers must not miss the Kozara National Park.

If you long for the sea, head to Neum, the only seaside town in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Trebizat River offers a very impressive view of the Kravice Falls, which look like a miniature of Victoria Falls.

Do not miss the second largest city of Bosnia and Herzegovina Mostar. The city is famous for the bridge on the Neretva River, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Lovers of trek and alpine hiking, fishing and hunting will also be pleased in this country;

Be sure to visit the beautiful country with a rich history, use the cheapest flights to Sarajevo!

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