Turkey is an exciting combination of Asia and Europe. A country that stretches across two continents. It is fast becoming a destination for tourists looking for a holiday that combines ancient cities and cultures with warm beaches and beautiful landscapes.

Istanbul is the starting point for most flights to Turkey and is a hidden gem among passengers - it is cheap enough for every passenger. Find a cheap flight to Turkey and enjoy Turkish hospitality, enjoy history and modern pleasures that you can handle in one country.

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Spring and Autumn

Spring and autumn are the best seasons to travel in Turkey

15 minutes

Lara Beach is located just a few kilometers, 15 minutes, from Antalya Airport

Do Turecka

Lety z Prahy do Turecka od 3 000 Kč

To Istanbul

Ceny letenek od 2 980 Kč

How much does a ticket to Turkey cost

The graph describes the minimum prices of flights to the destination and their development by weeks. Further data on the graph show the average day and night temperatures and total precipitation, if data are available. By clicking on the individual columns in graph, you will get a more detailed current data from the search engine.

How much does a ticket to Istanbul cost

The following graph shows the minimum current ticket prices from Prague to Istanbul.

Price of the cheapest return flight from London to Istanbul, EUR

How much does a ticket to Antalya cost

The following graph shows the minimum current ticket prices from Vienna to Antalya.

Price of the cheapest return flight from Edinburgh to Antalya, EUR

When to buy a ticket to Turkey

Flights to Turkey are good to look for a few days in advance. It is good to be as flexible as possible, if not in time, then at least in departure cities.

Best day for departure to Turkey

Friday is currently the cheapest day to fly to Turkey on average. Flying on Monday will result in higher flight prices.

FAQ for buying tickets to Turkey

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What airlines fly to Turkey?

You can get to Turkey directly from Prague, for example, with Turkish Airlines or Pegasus.

How long does the flight to Turkey take?

A direct flight from Prague to Istanbul takes 2 hours 45 minutes.

Where to buy tickets to Turkey?

If you decide to buy a ticket to Turkey, you can do so here on our search engine page. If you have any questions regarding the purchase, do not hesitate to write to us in our online chat or e-mail address. You can also contact us by phone.

Why go to Turkey

There are many reasons why you should visit Turkey, if beautiful beaches and good hospitality are not enough, you will certainly be attracted by a country rich in history.


The waterfall, formed by the Düden River flowing from the Taurus Mountains, is located 12 km southeast of Antalya and ends when the clear waters of the lower Düden Falls fall in a dazzling show, from a rocky cliff 40 meters directly into the Mediterranean Sea.

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To get current ticket prices for the whole country, click on the link to the ticket on flight tickets from London to Turkey or flight tickets from Edinburgh to Turkey.

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