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Traveling by plane with children

Parenting is a beautiful thing and it is even more beautiful in a child to leave from an early age memories of a family vacation, photos of the first steps to the sea, or a frightened cry from meeting the first wave are priceless. And what does it look like when you decide to travel by plane with your little one? In our article you will learn basic, yet most important information.

Traveling by plane with a stroller

The big advantage is that families with children tend to be checked in first. According to the rules of each airline, it is possible to take a folding stroller for each young passenger. In most cases, they are transported in the cargo (luggage) area.

Just before boarding the plane, the pram must be handed over to the airport staff, who will keep it below deck. It is necessary to bring a child in the arms, or in a stretcher or scarf, to the plane. After landing, the stroller returns to you immediately after leaving the deck. If you have a child who is already walking, and you think that he / she can handle the time until departure in peace and quiet without a pram, you can of course hand over the pram already at check-in together with other luggage. Before the trip, it is good to find out if the carrier has no other rules regarding prams.

Flymeto - Traveling by plane with children

Děti na letišti

Traveling by plane in a car seat

Airlines allow the transport of children under 2 years of age in two ways - in a car seat on a separate seat (usually from the 6th month) or on the parent’s lap. This option is much cheaper (usually 10-20% of the flight price for an adult passenger), on some flights it is free. Each aircraft is equipped with a special strap for children used as a seat belt, which must be fastened every time the information about the need to fasten passengers illuminates.

If you have opted for the car seat variant, make sure that the seat is also approved for use in aircraft. There must be a special marking on the seat or on its packaging. If the seat cannot be installed on the seat (eg it is too wide), the seat can be transported in the load compartment at an additional cost. Some airlines allow you to transport your child in a car seat only up to a certain age, eg up to 3 years.

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