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Bangkok (BKK)

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Travel to Thailand

If you love the sun and want to indulge in it, go to a tropical paradise. Explore Thailand together with us. Head to the Thai islands, where you will discover pristine beaches that will offer you privacy and complete relaxation. In general, if you want to avoid the crowds of tourists, head to the smaller islands and skip the coastal resorts.

Enjoy the beach with a fresh coconut drink. Find soft, white sands, crystal clear blue sea, cool sea breeze, and bent palm trees on most beaches in Thailand. The most beautiful ones belong to the islands, of which Thailand has an incredible 1,403, and most of them reached by boat. So there is a chance for everyone to catch their paradise on earth just for themselves. The smile on the faces of the locals is proof that helpfulness, humility, and friendliness are deeply rooted in the Thai mentality. Thanks to that, Thailand is called the land of smiles. Don’t be afraid if they sometimes grab you by the shoulders or by the arm. Thais people touch foreigners as a form of language communication to get them there. Not exactly typical behavior for Europeans, but you will get used to it and tune in to the same friendly wave. However, young Thais often speak good English, and due to their nature, it is often the case that they invite you to a house for a small snack.

Thailand and Covid-19

From 1 July, Thailand will abolish the mandatory quarantine for all vaccinated tourists who come to Phuket. The new launch of a pilot project. After a long break, when the number of tourists in Thailand was limited, you will find reborn nature and many other surprises throughout Thailand.

Flights from London to Thailand

ZEN Rooms Siripong Road

Thai cuisine

You can find the real taste of Thai food only here and forget the food you know from our buffets. The local cuisine is renowned all over the world and will undoubtedly exceed all your expectations. Fragrances that attack your olfactory senses will not allow you to taste all the goodies. Common ingredients are chicken and pork, fresh shrimp, and the side dish is rice or rice noodles. Unconventional food awaits the daredevil in street stalls. In the form of variously modified exotic insects, for example. And if you feel like tasting Thai national food, take a look at Phat Tai (Pad Thai), which is a wide range of rice noodles with tofu, egg, and shrimp.

Bangkok - Go on vacation with us

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Flymeto - Wat None Kum, Nakhon Ratchasima
Flymeto - Khon Benjakai
Flymeto - Ayutthaya
Flymeto - Thailand, Phuket, James Bond Bay
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Thai massage

Going to Thailand and not enjoying a traditional Thai massage would be a great pity. The competition here is so great that you will find a massage offer on every corner, and prices start at CZK 120 for a half-hour massage. However, avoid commercial massage and try to find a masseur using the ancient Nuad Borán massage (a technique that combines acupressure and yoga), and you will find that massage is not like massage.

Nature and trips

The area of 34,500 square kilometers occupies the national parks of Thailand. So if you prefer nature and the view of wildlife, go to at least one of them. Kho Yai National Park, the third-largest park in Thailand, is worth a visit. This evergreen forest forms a mountainous area, which also includes grassy plains. All this together in a complex filled with numerous species of birds and animals. It is no exception that you often see kingfishers and jumping gibbons here.

And finally, we add a few tips on which islands to go to and enjoy the perfect peace.


Our favorites are the islands of Koh Jum (sometimes also called Koh Pu), Koh Tao, Koh Phavam and Koh Koot.

Frequently asked questions about holidays in Thailand

Where to buy flights to Thailand?

You can find the best flights from London to Thailand at our search engine online.

How long does a flight to Thailand take?

The average time flight from London to Thailand, to Bangkok is 11 hours 25 minutes.

Distance from Prague=8,600 km.

Is Thailand open to tourists?

From 1 July, Thailand will abolish the mandatory quarantine for all vaccinated tourists who come to Phuket. It is the launch of a pilot project. Access for tourists was very limited in Thailand. Today, you will find a reborn nature and many other surprises in Thailand.

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