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Top most popular holiday destinations


Do you want to travel too far and want to visit a beautiful exotic country? Madeira is the best choice. In 2015, it was declared the best island destination in the world. Every visitor will find their own. There are huge beaches, high mountains and picturesque fishing villages.


You can go on a roadtrip to Vancouver Island, camping in the mountains or spend days on the slopes. Canada is a place with beautiful virgin nature. Ski lovers will experience more than skiing in the Giant Mountains for several seasons in a row.


In Bali you will find places that are not visited by too many tourists. It is a place that will grow to your heart and you will want to return there again. In Indonesia, you can ride a scooter, taste local cuisine, head out into the rainforest or surf the waves. The country is cheap and has easy access to the Internet, allowing you to work from there.


It is a place with a huge concentration of natural wonders. There are still active volcanoes and huge glaciers, lava fields, beautiful arctic foxes or hot springs. Iceland is visited by thousands of tourists every year.


A popular trekking destination, located in Ladakh India, will offer you countless experiences. You can visit this destination in summer and winter. Count on the winter with huge frosts, when there are thick layers of ice on the river.


An unusual African destination is Sudan. It is a desert country, whose main landmark is the River Nile. You can visit the pyramids and many monuments, which are not written anywhere. Count on the complex bureaucracy on arrival in Sudan. On each corner you can taste delicious tea, sweet donuts zalabiya and take a ride in beautifully decorated buses. Do you know which country is the best place to visit? waiting for you!

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