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Aircraft luggage - weight and dimensions
Ideal luggage according to individual airlines As is well known, luggage also has ears. Airlines can pull them out properly if they do not meet the given parameters. What are they like? Each airline has its own luggage meter. With all that searching and verifying it, many travelers have an equal desire to wrap it up. That would be a shame, of course. That is why we have prepared a clear table for you, in which you can easily find out what to pack in, depending on who you are flying to and where.
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To the Advent markets by plane

Celebrate Advent like Indians, sail through it on a cruise ship, or marvel at the performances of circus artists with Scottish hands. The Christmas markets in these five cities are so unusual and fascinating that you like to reach them.

Zurich, Switzerland

In Advent, Zurich is turning into one big chart of Christmas markets. Whether you choose the Wienachtsdorf urban market on the Sechseläutenplatz near Bellevue, the traditional market in the old town, Zurich’s largest opera market or Europe’s largest roofed market, Christkindlimarkt at Central Station, you won’t know what to taste before. The Zurich markets have one more extra attraction - hundreds of hot rocket grills and fondue pots that melt the sin of good Swiss cheese.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam has been living Christmas since the lights turned on in mid-November. At that time, the streets and squares around the museum will turn into a magical Christmas village with a skating rink and stalls with gifts and goodies. This year it has been added at the RAI Exhibition and Convention Center. Enjoy the snowy Amsterdam and go for a canal ride if you want to warm up. Look for the Amsterdam Light Festival Cruise - a 75-minute sightseeing cruise where you can see the best of the city's holiday lights and serve you mulled wine or hot chocolate.

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Taos, USA

Taos in New Mexico is a warm multicultural city that celebrates anything and anytime, and Christmas here is an unforgettable experience. The local Taoseños are a mixture of ethnicities and creeds, and each of them contributes to the festive pot in their own way. For the whole of December, the streets of the city will turn into an endless festival of light, music, hot chilli and traditional soup pozole. Visit the Hanukkah celebrations at the Jewish Center, the Festival of Trees Craft Market and warm yourself with a glass of wine in hand about the big campfires on Ledoux Street while Catholic residents prepare for a spectacular Christmas procession and Matachines dancers dress Native American costumes for their performances. Advent in Taos is wild and unforgettable.

Edinburgh, Scotland

The Edinburgh Christmas website already suggests that holidays are taken seriously in this city. In addition to traditional markets and activities such as skating and organized walks in the snowy surroundings, you can look forward to a town of ice sculptures, as well as the hot circus and light burlesque La Clique Noël . This highly acclaimed and fascinating spectacle returns to Edinburgh this year. A gigantic Advent calendar, screened as part of a light show at the General Register House, counts down for the Days of Gifts. And there's a lot of scotch to warm up.

Quebec, Kanada

The Advent markets in Quebec give Christmas a flair of Christmas and do not deny its European origin. The historic center of the city is dominated by Advent markets in the well-known German style, including gingerbread and sausage, which we are used to in our country and our neighbors. But they are boldly competing in the old port markets, which are a display of thousands of local products. For souvenirs and Christmas gifts, head here. Santa’s villages are then located around the city, each with a genuine Santa, to which children can sit on their lap. And if you meet people dressed in historical costumes, it’s probably a local guide. They offer guided tours of the traditions, legends, history, as well as the best shopping.

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