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To Drumheller for dinosaurs

High mountains, lakes, forests, desert - this is the richness of wild Canada, in the town of Drumheller.

The ubiquitous dinosaur replicas indicate that you have just entered the Royal Tyrell Museum. Right in the first hall you will be offered an exposition of well-preserved dinosaur bones, in the next you will see a giant skeleton of a tyrannosaur rex.

The rest of the museum is divided into several parts according to the prehistoric times. You will find out what life looked like from the Paleozoic to the advent of man and the Ice Age. Take a look at trilobites and other underwater animals from the first simplest to the more complex.

The main hall will hold your breath over a room full of larger and smaller dinosaur skeletons. In the ice age section of the museum you will see a huge skeleton of a mammoth or saber-toothed tiger.

The time spent in this museum is definitely worth it! Join inquisitive visitors too!

Another attraction in and around Drumheller is the sandstone landscape. In the hills you can see the layering of the ground, which creates interesting stripes. The most interesting attractions are the so-called “Hoodoos”, which are 5-7 meters high columns, whose top is covered by a flat stone. You will suddenly find yourself in a completely different world.

The landmark of Drumheller is a 26-meter-high dinosaur-shaped banner that you can climb for a modest fee and enjoy the impressive view of the city and the interesting surrounding countryside of Badlands (a term for very dry land).

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