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Tips on how to avoid the crowds

The season of sightseeing tours is here. Pleasant moments traveling to sightseeing can be unpleasant unexpected queues at the ticket offices or inexhaustible masses of tourists, when you have to for example in the museum crowd people.

Avoid the crowds and enjoy the sights

Cities like Paris, Rome, Athens will offer you unforgettable tours. But they have one thing in common - endlessly long queues, a huge number of tourists. These problems can be easily avoided:

  1. Take a tour in the evening - Take a tour a few hours before closing time. The number of tourists and expeditions is rapidly decreasing in these hours and you can enjoy the tour in peace. Some museums such as the Louvre are open on Wednesdays and Fridays until 10pm, Fridays and Saturdays until 9pm, the British Museum is open every Thursday and Friday until 8.30pm and the National Gallery in London until 9pm only on Fridays.

  2. Hold the heat, avoid the queues - The destination, with the highest heat at noon, is the quietest time. In Egypt, for example, most tourist groups avoid the Valley of the Kings at noon. For you, this is a unique opportunity to see the sights in peace.

  3. Avoid days of free entry - For example, the Louvre has free entry every first Sunday of the month. As a result, most visitors come to the museum.

  4. Book tickets in advance - some museums allow you to book tickets in advance. This avoids queues at the checkout.

  5. Avoid sightseeing at the weekend - do not visit your desired tourist destination on the weekend. Book your air tickets and go sightseeing on weekdays when they are not under siege.

  6. Visit also smaller museums and galleries - Large cities offer a number of unique monuments, you can also see smaller museums and galleries where crowds will not be.


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