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Do you long for a Christmas holiday?
Whether you want to go on vacation somewhere close alone with the expensive half or with children, Bojnice are definitely the ideal place for you. Where else to apply for a partner than in the quiet and pleasant environment of this historic spa town, which is known for romantic castle, the oldest and largest zoo in Slovakia and the spa. Moreover, the pre-Christmas atmosphere somehow adds to the charm of this holiday and important events in your life.
Nov 23, 2015 2 min read
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Thinking about vacation? We have a great tip for you!

Get enticed by the white beaches, azure ocean and the scent of Africa with a drop of wilderness. An oasis of tranquility, hidden by the Cape Verde archipelago, is one of the most popular tourist destinations around the world.

Spend a few unforgettable days on one of the islands and recharge your batteries to return to the reality and stereotype of your home.

The most visited tourist destination is the island of Sal. However, if you want to avoid overcrowded beaches, head to Boa Vista, which is full of unspoiled nature, beautiful beaches and incredible tranquility for a great relaxation experience.

Cape Verde’s highest volcanic mountain, black beaches and lava fields await you on Fogo.

In the town of Santa Maria you can admire typical houses plastered in pastel colors. The black beach near the town, dotted with lava rocks, and the perfect spot for windsurfing will surely delight you.

If you like huge waves, you can see them with your own eyes. You can admire them mainly in the area of Buracona in the north, where the lava coast is dotted with natural lakes with azure water. It is a place where natural elements clash.

In the ravine you can swim in calm weather. At the time of the surf, the frothed sea water is shattering on the rocks and spraying to the admiring height.

In the village of Pedra de Lume on the northeast coast, you will see a lot of fishermen who can see how the process of catching and gutting just caught fish and sharks is taking place.

On the island of Sal, do not miss the volcanic crater, where salt is mined. Bathing in salt lakes is said to prolong life, local climatic conditions are comparable to staying at the Dead Sea.

Get to know the life of local natives and buy tickets to Cape Verde now. There is no need to vaccinate yourself before traveling, so you can be sure of a relaxing holiday.

If you miss the civilization, you meet family and friends together on the streets, having fun, having a drink, having dinner and very happy to welcome you to each other.

Do not resist walking along the endless beach at sunrise and sunset. Now we have an action for incredible low-cost flights to Cape Verde, so do not hesitate to book them in time!

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