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Tbilisi (TBS)

Thinking about an unusual holiday? We have a TIP for you!

In Southwest Asia lies a mysterious country with a mountainous landscape and fascinating nature.

The first destination in this destination should be clearly Lagodechi National Park.

The most famous region of Georgia is Kakheti, which is renowned mainly for the production of wine, which by its specific taste and aroma is much different from our wines from Europe. Usually, the vine is allowed to ferment even with hulls and seeds, which are separated only at the end. From them is then made brandy “Čača”. Both delicious drinks are definitely worth a taste.

This country is less visited, but you will find very low prices here, this holiday will certainly not cost you dearly.

In Georgia, you can enjoy wonderful trekking tours, which can be extended to multi-day hikes.

Through the intricate jungle you can reach beautiful forest waterfalls, the most popular route leads to Black Rock Lake. In Lagodechi active individuals can borrow horses and go on agrotourism to these goals.

The view from the horseback in the autumn beautified, colorful nature will enchant you.

Although the path is not the easiest, it can be managed, although in places you have to dismount. Steep climbs will be tiring for horses with a load on their back.

Horse guides who will accompany you throughout the journey will find you a good place to relax. A favorite snack for Georgians is khachapuri bread, sausages, and of course home-made wine.

Along the way, you will see unprecedented scenery that escalate with the approaching lake.

The rays of the sun illustrate a breathtaking spectacle over the lake.

Beautiful, but often neglected, country is rich in beautiful landscapes and wildlife. Flushing tourists undamaged Georgia attracts adventurous travelers to get to know its borders.

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