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How to save on exchange rates when going on vacation
The differences in exchange rate offers often differ by up to several hundred hellers for 1 euro. You can thus save more than a negligible amount on your vacation! It is important to change money with the right companies and then you only have to pay abroad in the right way. First, make sure that the bank you are a client of offers a good exchange rate. There is also a difference between individual financial institutions and can amount to 0.
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Thermal spa in the Leukerbad Alps

From: #flymeto   |   Apr 07, 2016

In the Swiss Alps you can spend your holiday skiing or relaxing in the thermal spa. They are a perfect combination of sport and relaxation.

Charming Leukerbad

Leukerbad is located in a wild rocky landscape at the end of a mountain road that winds through the Rhone Valley. The town is surrounded by the Alps, but there is no need to worry about avalanches. The thermal springs found here attract thousands of tourists every year.

The local public and private pools use over four million liters of thermal water with a temperature of 51 degrees Celsius. You will find the best wellness equipment.

The best and largest spa complexes include Burgerbad and Alpentherme, where you can relax in several swimming pools. Burgerbad Spa is more suitable for families with children, who look more like an aquapark with endless water slides, massage jets.

The Lindner Alpentherme spa offers much more privacy. Here you can enjoy saunas, massages, swimming pools and wellness treatments. You can watch the snow-capped mountain peaks or even go skiing while bathing.

World for skiers

Have you enjoyed the spa? Then head to the Torrent ski area. It provides many slopes of various difficulty levels. A cable car takes you to the slopes. You can find here not only as skiers, but also with a snowboard in the fun park. There is also a children’s club and a groomed winter hiking trail.

There are over fifty kilometers of slopes, including those that run the World Cup downhill. The ski slopes are located on alpine meadows, so you only need a small amount of snow to ski. The ski season lasts until about mid-April thanks to artificial snow. Buy yours.

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