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The Slovenian dragon city Ljubljana is worth a visit

In just one hour you will fly from Prague to the Slovenian capital Lubljana. Her symbol of the dragon calls her the city of the dragon. More than 300 000 inhabitants live here. There is a very small historic center. The core itself had to be rebuilt at the beginning of the 20th century due to the earthquake of 1895.

One of the first steps in Ljubljana will lead you to the square Prešernov trg. It was named after the greatest romantic poet, Franco Prešern. In the middle of the square stands his statue. She looks at the opposite house, where there is a bust of his unhappy love.

From the square you can reach the Triple Bridge over the Lubljanica River. It leads to the old part of town. The town is dominated by a hill with a castle with a beautiful view of the Alps. There are many cafes, galleries and restaurants in the old town.

Ljubljana is a university city. This is especially noticeable on weekends. When students leave home, the city is empty. You can visit the local market, where you can buy fresh pastries, meats and vegetables. You can also visit the Napoleon Monument. Nowhere else in Europe can you find his monument outside France. Opposite the monument is the Plesnik University Library. You can relax in Tivoli Park.

Another city worth visiting in Slovenia is Maribor. There live about 120 000 inhabitants and is also a university city. From the north, the town is surrounded by vineyards and hills of Pohorje. These two cities can be compared to Prague and Brno.

From the sights in Slovenia you can visit Slovenian Carinthia, where you will find a museum, Slovenj Gradec - here you can visit the medieval town, museum and art gallery, the historic town of Ptuj, port Koper. In the Primorsko region you will find the port and the Slovenian karst. However, there is no suitable place for swimming. Slovenians tend to travel to Croatia. Other sights include the Slovenian Karst, the Posna Cave or the Predjan Grad or the Skocjan Caves.


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