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Brussels (BRU)

The sights of Belgium will captivate you

Looking for a vacation or hiking in Belgium? Today we introduce you to them. Perhaps we do not even need to mention the capital Brussels, which you should not miss.


Waterloo became famous for Napoleon Bonaparte who lived here the last battle on which he was definitively defeated and then taken to the island of St. Helena where he died in 1821. Aside from being a tourist town, you won’t see much at Waterloo. If you are lucky, you will come across a parade in period costumes and costumes. The entrance to the museum and the uphill is charged. If you don’t want to climb the stairs, you can stop down the pub.


Gent is a student town where you will not be bored. There is no overcrowding, many tourists and poor neighborhoods. There are plenty of bars, restaurants and a music festival in the town center. Ideal is a walk along the canal which is beautifully lit in the evening. Do not miss a tour of Gravensteen Castle and churches like St. Nicolas or St. Bavo.

Gravensteen Castle:

You may have been interested in Gravensteen Castle in the previous article. Gravensteen is open all year round for 8 euros for adults, 6 euros for people aged 19 to 26 years, admission is free under 19 years. There is a large exposition of torture instruments, from shackles and mittens to equipment that will chill your back. In the lobby there are many showcases with knightly armor, swords, bows, daggers, firearms, in short, everything that the knights were wearing in battle.


Belgium’s largest port of Antwerp is a shopping center. You will find plenty of fashion brands of clothing, so that mainly enjoy ladies. Shopping in Antwerp is more enjoyable than in Brussels because you have everything in one place. When you get tired of clothes, look at diamonds and jewelry. Either to the shops, or at least to the museum. You can refresh yourself in one of the pubs, which sometimes even Pilsner beer. And for culture go to the square planted with old merchant houses, dominated by a statue of the painter P. P. Rubens. There is also Belgium’s highest cathedral in Antwerp. you can buy from us.

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