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The PETRONAS Sepang Racing team is aiming for greater success on the Flymeto wings

From: #flymeto   |   Feb 18, 2021

The travel portal Flymeto continues as our official partner for the second year in a row. The Malaysian racing team announces that cooperation with the travel portal Flymeto will continue. Already in 2020, Flymeto became an official partner and will continue to do so in the 2021 season in all three categories.

Franco Morbidelli and Valentino Rossi in MotoGP, Xavi Vierge and Jake Dixon in Moto2 will race on PETRONAS SRT motorcycles with the Flymeto logo. In Moto3 then John McPhee and Darryn. The team and the entire crew will use the services of the patented online search engine Flymeto to move the entire team, equipment, from race to race.

About Flymeto

In the relatively short time since its inception in 2019, Flymeto has developed its patented online search solution that can search more than 2 billion specific flights in three seconds and find optimal flight routes with the shortest possible travel time.

In 2020, Flymeto, as part of the WEB SHOP FLY group, also added hotel search capabilities to its online search engine.

Razlan Razali, Team Leader: We are pleased to announce the expansion of Flymeto’s support for the PETRONAS Sepang Racing Team. We have achieved some great successes last year and we hope to be able to work together to achieve even greater this 2021 season.

Petr Feigl, CEO of Flymeto: We are honored to be part of the PETRONAS Sepang Racing Team for the second year. Our cooperation will be even closer and we hope that FLYMETO.COM will bring great support to the PETRONAS Sepang Racing team in travel services. We look forward to achieving our goals together. Let’s get ready for this wonderful ride again.

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