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New Orleans (MSY)

The most promising golf locations in the world

New Orleans is starting to be a place golf players should count on. You can play at the very popular 18-hole Audubon Park , located in a park district near the zoo, and the 27-hole Carter Plantation , about an hour's drive from the city.

New Orleans - golf and city

Since April 2017 there is also Bayou Oaks Golf Course . The brand new public golf course is built on the ruins of the former City Park Golf Course, devastated by Hurricane Katrina. With a convenient location in the city and beautiful views, this course can be the new home of Zurich Classic.

New Orleans - outside the golf course

From the golf course, head to the Franch Quarter. Famous for its nightlife, Bourbon Street is right here. If you are looking for something equally authentic but not so busy, move to French Street. Take a stroll to the representative residential area of the Garden District (a short walk from Audubon Park) or to the Arts District (formerly Warehouse District), where many cozy cafes and shops have grown up.

Tip: Carter Plantation and Audubon Park are part of the Luisina's Audubon Golf Trail network, through which you can not only book a game at one of 16 Luisian golf courses, but also get an adventure package with excursions to nearby sights.

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Coast of Northern Ireland - golf and nature

Northern Ireland's Northern Coast can keep you busy for a number of golf clubs. Along its length are scattered Castlerock Golf Club , [Ballyreagh Golf Course], Rathmore Golf Club and Bushfoot Golf Club . Portstewart Golf Club is hosting the Dubai Duty Free Irish Open for the first time in 2017 and the Royal Portrush Golf Club is preparing for the Open Championship 2019.

Coast of Northern Ireland - Outside the golf course

Golf courses ideally fit into the picturesque coastal scenery, where lush green grass contrasts with the ocean's blue. Embark on a trek and direct your steps to two local attractions. First giant sidewalk (Giant's Causeway), varhanovitě stupňovanému spectacular coastline resulting volcanic activity. Secondly, the slightly adrenaline 20-long and 30-high Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge , which connects Carrickarede Island to the mainland and promises great photos and views.

Tip: If you choose Royal Portrush or Portstewart to play, stay at the nearby Bushmills. As the name suggests, you will be in the home of world-famous whiskey. You can try it when visiting the Old Bushmills Distillery.

Indianapolis - golf a sport

Indianapolis seems to be built on golf courses. There are nearly twenty in and around the city. Why go far when the legendary Brickyard Crossing is right in town. The course is part of the second oldest Indianapolis Motor Speedway circuit to date. In the vicinity you will find public and private courses, such as Woodstock Country Club , Thatcher Golf Course , Eagle Hill Driving Range and more.

Indianapolis - Outside the golf course

Indianapolis is the 14th largest city in the US, but you do not have to compromise on your requirements for a quiet holiday. Try a romantic walk along the canal that runs through the city center or the majestic Coxhall Gardens. The Eagle Creek Park is one of the largest city parks in the state and you can rent a pedal boat, boat, canoe and other sparkling water equipment.

Of course, you should not forget to visit the racing circuit. If you no longer get a ticket for the local races, look into their history through the museum .

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Colombo - golf and beach

Welcome to Sri Lanka. Here, too, you can play golf in its various corners. The Royal Colombo Golf Club is still worth mentioning. Firstly, because it is conveniently located in the capital, secondly, because it is passing by train. This rarity can be an attraction for one, another discourages the encouragement of passengers passing by the holes. Still try it. You can compare it with the Waters Edge Golf Club , a half hour drive from the city.

Colombo - Outside the golf course

Colombo is a busy and exotic city that not everyone must smell. For peace and white beaches you have to go a little further. As well as behind the most important monuments, which are mainly inland. Save your search and read a thorough travelogue by traveler Lucie Radová, who traveled almost all of Sri Lanka in rented tuk-tuk. They will tell you where the best beaches are, which sights to avoid and why and how to borrow tuk-tuk.

Nullarbor - golf and adventure

Nullarbor Links is one word unique and will take you out of the stereotype of perfectly groomed lawns. It is officially the longest course in the world, with 18 holes (72 pairs) spread over the Nullarboro Plains. The holes are located in various cities from Western Australia to the south coast, the first from the last divided by 1 365 km and the difference of one time zone. A regular round on your golf course will take you about 4 hours, and reserve a few days at Nullarbor Links.

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Nullarbor - Outside the golf course

Accepting the Nullarbor Links challenge means embarking on a road trip across the countryside as authentic as Australia can offer. Outside the green you can expect only sand, dust, shrubbery, open roads and places of the coast with amazing views. This includes local cuisine and stories from other travelers that you meet along the way. Just watch out for kangaroos and camels by the roadside.

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