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The most interesting islands to go on holiday

Do you love the life of a traveler? Here is an overview of several islands where you should go at least once in your life.


Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world. It belongs to Africa and lies in the Indian Ocean. Due to the great distance from the mainland, there is an interesting fauna and flora. You will find baobabs and lemurs. In remote villages you will discover local citizens who have often seen a tourist in their lives.


A popular and accessible destination of recent years is Sri Lanka. There are beautiful monuments and natural culture, as well as numerous beaches. There are tea plantations. Sri Lanka is also suitable for families and less experienced travelers.


Originally served as a defensive fortress, then as the most famous prison. It lies in the middle of the San Francisco Bay, in 1934-1963 there was a prison. Now the object is primarily an attraction for tourists. You can get here by boat from San Francisco.


An archipelago made up of 19 volcanic islands. You can stroke huge turtles, iguanas. It is a costly trip.

Easter Island

Chilean Easter Island is a world famous place where you should also go. Moai statues have been overwhelmed by mystery and eternal discussion for years. This most remote island in the world has four thousand inhabitants. Few species of animals and plants live here.


You can be in Iceland for a few crowns and in a little while. It should be mandatory for all travelers to see the local natural heritage. You can bathe in hot geysers, take a trek along the coast or take pictures of puffins.

Other Islands:

Other places include Solomon Islands, Tenerife, Corsica, Hvar. You can surf in Bali. You can discover the Republic of Tuvalu, New Zealand or Sulawesi with beautiful nature.

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