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The most beautiful deserts of the world you have to see

Going into the desert will evoke feelings of fear, a special atmosphere, respect and uniqueness. Anyone who finds themselves in the desert will feel the scorching heat, the pleasant feeling of fine sand, and the overwhelming silence.


Sahara is an ideal place for those who want to go to the desert for the first time. It covers the territory of ten African states. The easiest way to see the Sahara is in Morocco, Egypt or Tunisia. You can be attracted by the dunes at the Moroccan town of Mhamid, where you can also pay a longer trip to the desert.

Jordan: Wadi Rum

The Wadi Rum Jordan Valley (Moon Valley) is the most interesting place for you. You can get here from Amman by taxi after three and a half hour drive. Lovers of nature and rock climbing set out here. There are many sports and traditional routes.

Oman: Wahiba

Oman is a great attraction for desert visitors. You can spend the desert in jeeps and quads, on camels and on foot. The photographers' paradise is the starry night sky. Desert camps are a luxury affair and are not cheap.

Chile: Atacama

The driest desert in the world is the African Atacama. It is part of the Ralye Dakar race that has moved from Africa right here. Atacama stretches around the Pacific, occupying a large part of Chile and Cordillera, ascends up to 5000 m.m. You can visit the ghost town of Santa Laura. You can rent a car in the city of Iqueque and visit, for example, San Pedro Atacama.

China: Taklamakan

Taklamakan Desert in China covers 327,000 km². In 2008 there was a snow cover when temperatures reached minus 32 degrees Celsius. Sand dunes reach a height of about three hundred meters.

Afrika: Namib

An interesting sandy desert is the African Namib. It lives here a special kind of elephants, is considered the oldest desert in the world. There has been drought for at least eighty million years.

Set out for a unique experience in the desert. Cheap flights allow you to visit Africa, China and Chile. Where will you go next time?

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