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The best marathons and ultramarathons

A true runner is not a deciduous tree. His enthusiasm with autumn does not fall, but grows stronger. In the autumn, marathons and ultramarathons are so attractive that you want to fly to them. Who wouldn’t want to run around the Arctic Circle or the Canary Islands?

Marine Corps Marathon

Certainly one of Washington’s favorite marathons is also an opportunity to explore the city’s sights.

The route takes you to Arlington National Cemetery with thousands of white crosses, an obelisk similar to the National Mall, or the Lincoln Memorial. However, the participants agree that the best at the marathon are the crowds of marines, which encourage runners along the track, which makes the whole event amazingly charged.

Athens Authentic Marathon

As for running, Athens cannot be missed. It was here in antiquity that a messenger had come to announce the victory at the Battle of Marathon, after which this discipline was given a name.

The run here faithfully follows its route, so it runs from Marathon through villages along the coast to Athens’s Panathenic Stadium. The marathon is as old as the modern Olympics. It has been held since 1896, when only men were allowed to run, and it is so popular that around 18,000 people attend it every year.

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Polar Circle Marathon

The Greenland Marathon boasts the Coolest Marathon on Earth sticker - the coldest or coolest on the planet (depending on how you feel after the finish).

Running through unsightly Arctic tundra and glaciers, where one can only hear one's breath, is a great reason to visit Grońsko. You may also be interested in the fact that the marathon organizer has other tempting routes in its permanent repertoire, such as running along the Great Wall of China, the desert around the Jordanian city of Petra, or between the Buddhist temples of Burma Bagan.

Transgrancanaria HG

The Ultramarathon in the Canaries promises several wonderful rewards. On the one hand, the opportunity to measure strength with the local rocky terrain, and on the other hand, relax on a tropical beach. If you do not dare for the whole 125 km, you can participate in a classic marathon or family run for 15 km. In addition to the Transgrancanaria HG, there is a classic city marathon in Las Palmas on January 12, 2018, so there is plenty to choose from.

Ultra Trail Collserola

There are several places from which you have Barcelona in your palm. One of them is the protected landscape area in the Collserola Mountains, which stretches around the perimeter of the metropolis.

This is where the Ultra Trail Collserola runs in two levels every year. Compared to Transgrancanaria, it does not offer any lighter and shorter routes. Just a panorama that takes your breath as well as running itself. The Barcelona City Marathon is also a great experience. The next one is scheduled for March 11, 2018.

Rovaniemi’s Arctic Winter Races

Rovaniemi races in Finland are not just cross-country.

Kilometers of snowy Lapland countryside can be climbed on foot, on skis or fatbike, with very thick tires. Competitors choose from three races, their length and intensity with the number after the abbreviation ROV increases. But everyone starts in the same place on the same day, so the start of the ultramarathon is spectacular.

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