The hot and humid season is approximately from March to June. The combination of high temperatures and high humidity is unbearable for most tourists. Only real heat lovers should come here at this time.

The rainy season lasts from about June to October. The soil is soft and widely used by farmers. Very short-lived monsoon showers mostly occur everyday in the afternoon, heading from the Indian Ocean.

The dry and cold seasons are not completely cold. Temperatures in this period reach an average of 30°C. This is the best time to visit Thailand. Between November - February / March. In addition, after a long period of rain, the landscape is green and beautifull.

Weather in Bangkok

The weather in Bangkok is tropical with the influence of ocean monsoons. There are two periods, the cold and dry periods and the rainy season.


The dry season, which is also suitable for visiting the city, lasts from about November to March / April. During this period, there is a minimum of rain showers and humidity is also lower. The morning temperatures reach 24°C and the sun’s rays drive it out of the sky until sunset.

The rainy season lasts from about May to October, with October being the rainiest month. Since Bangkok is in the bay, the monsoons do not affect it very strongly. It is usually cloudy with occasional rain. Apart from the more rainy October, the rest of the months for travel are also very acceptable.

When to fly to Thailand

The ideal time to visit Thailand is November - February / March. During this period there are dry and cold weather. Temperatures here are on average 30°C and humidity and precipitation are minimal. As a bonus, we will definitely welcome the fabulous green nature after a long period of rain.

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The graph describes the minimum prices of tickets found to Bangkok and their development by weeks. Additional data on the graph show average day and night temperatures and total precipitation, if data are available. Click on the individual columns in the graph to get more detail current data from the search engine.

Price of the cheapest return flight from London to Bangkok, EUR

So you can see which date is best for your trip to Bangkok due to the weather development in the destination and given the current ticket price.

The following chart shows the lowest price of air tickets to Bangkok in the context of the weather. Click on the individual columns in the graph to get a more current detail search engine data.

Price of the cheapest return flight from Edinburgh to Bangkok, EUR

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