Thai cuisine is one of the most popular in the world. It is cooked from fresh and tasty ingredients. Overall, Thai cuisine can be introduced as dishes full of rice, noodles, vegetables, soy, fish and seafood and very, very hot. When you say “not spicy”, they would bring you spicy one, maybe a little less, but a person who is not used to that will be surprised. In a few days, you will get used to it and finally you will find that the sharpness gives it the right hallmark. As a dessert you can have honey-sweet fruit, which you can buy on every corner, it is really unbeatable. And if you don’t like fruit, you will definitely welcome coconut ice cream, served directly in coconut. It is worth spending money on it. Many people do not know what to order, as the menus here are in Thai and an English translation rarely tells you anything. One option is to look at the pictures and “pick with your eyes.” Another option is to read our article, in which you will find out without tasting which dishes not to regret when returning home from vacation.

Typical Thai cuisine

The main dishes typical of Thai cuisine are mostly based on rice or rice noodles. After such a lunch, you will be full enough, but you will still feel light and full of energy, and you need that to explore the local landscapes. Thai cuisine is just one of a few in the world that uses completely fresh food. By far the most typical is the spice for Thai cuisine. For tourists, it is greatly reduced, but if you are not exactly a lover of spicy food, be sure to mention it before ordering. Because Thais are kind and hospitable, they will always try to accommodate you, although they don’t know how to avoid using chilli.

Thai food

Pad Thai - one of the most sought dishes for foreigners. It is basically a combination of Thai noodles, bamboo shoots, meat (usually you can choose chicken / pork / shrimp), nuts, chili and eggs. Mix it all with lime.

Kaeng Phet Gai - or red curry / Thai red curry /, a spicy dish, served with rice, based on coconut milk, red curry paste, beans and basil. Again, you can usually choose from meat / chicken, pork, shrimp, seafood /.

Kaeng Khiao Wan - or green curry / spicy food, served with rice, based on coconut milk, green curry paste and ginger. Again, you can usually choose from meat / chicken, pork, shrimp, seafood /.

Kao Pad - this is fried rice, served with meat / according to choices /, vegetables. A mixture of spices and sauce gives the food a special taste.

Tom Yam - traditional Thai soup / can be served with shrimp or chicken /, is full of vegetables, flavored with lime, lemongrass and chili.

Som Tam - traditional papaya salad. The main ingredients are green papaya, carrots, dried small prawns and crushed nuts, suitable to drizzle with lemon juice and serve either alone or with rice.

Food prices in Thailand

Food in Thailand is cheaper than in western countries, but it depends on which area of Thailand and in which facilities you will eat. If you are looking for smaller businesses or restaurants where the locals eat, you will pay for the food approximately THB 40 - 80, which is USD 1.2 - 2.5. In tourist areas, the price in restaurants is adapted to this average. However, even here you can find it cheaper than in the USA. Prices here are around USD 3.5 - 8.7.

Where to eat best in Thailand

In Thailand, you can find delicious meals almost everywhere, as it is one of the most famous cuisines in the world. It depends on the choice of food. If you choose what your taste like, we guarantee that you will not be disappointed. The freshness of food and the color of food striking you will heal your soul. You can try more expensive restaurants, but also fast food stalls. Here, we recommend choosing those where a lot of people visit. Thais do not have the established hygiene habits that we are used to in other countries.

What to know next about Thailand

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