Due to its popularity, the flight to Thailand is one of the most popular. There are four international airports in Bangkok, Phuket, Krabi and Chiang Mai. Most flights from Europe, America or Australia go to Bangkok’s Suvarnablum Airport. It is one of the largest airports in Asia, which is an important intercontinental transport center. To move from the capital, you will probably use the airport Don Mueang, which is the base for most low-cost airlines that will take you to Phuket or Krabi, for example.

Before you buy tickets

Before buying a ticket to Thailand, it is good to find out what the weather is like here at that time. The best time to vacation in this country is November - April. These are the months when there is the least precipitation. It is also necessary to buy tickets well in advance, at least 2-4 months. Tickets bought later are much more expensive.

November - April

These are the months when there is the least precipitation


Lots of travelers go to Thailand because of nature and the sea

Tp Bangkok

Prices are cheaper than direct flights to tourist destinations

2-4 months

It's advised to buy flight tickets at least 2-4 months in advance

Many travelers go to Thailand because of the nature and the sea, so they do not want to stay in Bangkok, they look for flights directly to holiday destinations. Flights from Europe to these airports are relatively expensive, compared to prices with availability to Bangkok. It is definitely worth buying a ticket to the capital and then flying over one of the Asian low-cost airlines, such as Thai AirAsia. Prices are very favorable, often only a few dozen dolars.

How much does a ticket to Thailand cost

Thanks to the fact that Thailand is such a popular destination, it offers the most air connections from Europe and Americas, as a result of which the tickets are very affordable. The average price is around USD 900 from New York to Bangkok and around USD 600 from Australia to Bangkok.

Ticket prices to Bangkok

The graph describes the minimum found prices of tickets to London and their development by weeks. Additional data on the graph show average day and night temperatures and total precipitation, if data are available. Click on the individual columns in the graph to get more detailed current data from the search engine.

Price of the cheapest return flight from London to Bangkok, EUR

When to buy a ticket to Thailand

It is advised to buy tickets to Thailand 2-4 months before the scheduled departure. It is definitely good to follow promotions of airlines to make the price as favorable as possible.

Best day for departure to Thailand

Ticket prices to Thailand do not change much during the year. The only exception is the period of Easter and Christmas and New Year, when ticket prices are up to twice as expensive as their price average. The price does not differ much, for example, during the summer holidays, as this is not a very common time for a holiday in Thailand.

FAQ for buying tickets to Thailand

Here are some common questions and answers about airline tickets to Thailand. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us either via online chat or via email.

What airlines fly to Thailand?

From John F. Kennedy International Airport, New York you can land on Don Mueang International Airport, Thailand with Thai AirAsian Airlines and 2 stops during 36 hours and a half, which costs USD 560. If you travel from London Heathrow, you can get on Finnair Airlines. The flight will take about 15 hours with one stop, which costs USD 453. These prices suggested are known as the cheapest ones.

For central Europeans, if you decide that you do not want to fly with any transfer, you have the opportunity to fly directly from Vienna or Munich. Both airports are very well accessible from the Czech Republic. However, we must keep in mind that the price of these tickets is a bit higher. From Vienna we can fly to Bangkok with Austrian Airlines, EVA Air or Thai Airways, which flies together with Eurowings and Lufthansa directly from Munich.

How long does a flight to Thailand take?

You can get to Thailand from New York City only with a transfer, these flights usually take an average of about 27 hours. From London, you can get to Thailand with one transfer too, it lasts about 11 hours. It depends on which flight with what airline you choose. Many travelers prefer the shortest possible transfer but more and more people are using long transfers as an opportunity to see the view changing. In this case, you can also choose flights with a flight duration of over 37 hours from New York and 15 hours from London. You will be in Bangkok in 10 - 11 hours by direct flight from Germany or Vienna.

Where to buy flights to Thailand?

Conveniently search for flights to Thailand on our portal. Our watchdog will help you monitor the best prices, which can be set according to your own required preferences. If you are unsure about the purchase and search, you can always contact our customer service via online chat or email.

How to get from Suvarnabhumi Airport to the center?

Bangkok’s main airport, Suvarnabhumi, offers four ways to get to the city center. Train, Taxi, Grab, Bus. The train, Airport Rail Link, is the fastest option, the journey takes approximately 45 minutes and runs every 10-15 minutes from the airport basement from six o’clock in the morning until midnight. It will take you to Phaya Thai Station, from where you can take the BTS, bus or taxi. If you need to change to the MRT metro, get off at Makkasan Station. The price of the train is THB 45.

The second option is to use a taxi. The price varies depending on the time of day and the distance traveling, it is approximately THB 250 - 450. The customer also pays at the entrance to the airport THB 50 and the toll on the highway. The journey takes 45 - 90 minutes.

Prepare the address where you need to go in advance and check if the taxi driver has switched on the taximeter and is following it.

A third and very popular variant of experienced travelers is Grab. It is similar to Uber. You download the application, enter the address where you want to go and you will receive a fixed price in advance, which you will pay directly the application with a card or the driver in cash. The price is THB 350 - 600.

The last option is to use public transport, bus. There are many lines to the airport.

How to get from Don Mueang airport to the center?

As it is originally military airport, there is not yet such a well-established transport infrastructure. There are still plenty of ways to get to the center.

Similar to Bangkok’s main airport, there are options such as taxis and grab, it is the most convenient transfer to the city center. Prices are again quite similar. The last option is orange buses. Tourists use lines A1 and A2. The price of the trip is THB 30. If you are going to the city center, it is recommended to change to the Mo Chit station, which is connected by the MRT metro and the BTS overhead set. The journey takes approximately 20 minutes. Both the A1 and A2 buses run from 7 am until midnight, line A1 every 12 minutes and line A2 every half hour.

Crossing between airports?

If you need to get from one airport to another, use the free buses if you show your boarding pass or ticket. The first bus leaves at five o’clock in the morning and the last at midnight, at intervals of 12-30 minutes. The bus runs for about 1-2 hours, and is still the fastest route.

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What to do after landing in Thailand

Once you land at one of the airports in Thailand, it’s a good idea to exchange at least some money and buy a one-time sim card because you can pay with the card very rarely and you use the sim card mainly for internet connection, such as navigation. Wifi coverage is very bad in Thailand.

There are several modes of transport to move from the airport. Taxi service works here, very well. Another option is similar to taxis, namely the Grab service. In essence, it is an Asian Uber. It works very well here and the advantage is the agreed price before boarding. It will never happen to you that you will pay more. You can also use local bus lines, which are the cheapest option. There are also car and motorcycle rentals at the airport. This is a common choice for most travelers.

Why Thailand

Thailand is one of the most frequently searched countries in the world when it comes to tourism. However, some places that are almost unpopular with people. The most attractive things for tourists are the infinitely long sandy beaches, beautiful weather, full of greenery and unrivaled cuisine.

It is a country full of contrasts. On the one hand, luxury resorts are right next to a slum. Many locals offer a “restaurant” right at home in these slums. You can often see them all the way to the kitchen. But don’t be fooled by the first impression, as this is usually the best gastronomic experience and for a few dollars.

As Thailand is a Buddhist country, lovers of history and art will find many unique monuments here. You can find a Buddha statue or Buddhist temples on almost every corner. If you are not a pure art lover, you will certainly enjoy the wildlife of national parks or nature preservations. Swimming in waterfalls, swimming with elephants, feeding monkeys or “just” taking a walk in the jungle, all these and many more will attract you to these parks. The most famous and beautiful of them is Erawan Park. Another reason to travel to Thailand is the weather, beaches and beautiful romantic islands. The weather here is tropical and is divided into dry and rainy seasons. There is no bad time to travel to Thailand. You can come here all year round, only from June to October it rains more.

What would it be like to vacation in Thailand if we didn’t indulge in a Thai massage. You don’t even have to look for massage offers, they will be literally every step of the way. Thai massage is essentially an art. It is a combination of yoga and massage, where the body and soul come together. The recommended massage time is at least 90 minutes. You will pay around THB 300 for such a massage.

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