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Thailand - islands where you can still meet unspoiled nature

From: #flymeto   |   Jan 25, 2020

If you are not yet a lucky man who has had the opportunity to experience this tropical paradise, read a few reasons why you should change it. In addition to the well-known reasons to visit Thailand, there are some tips on Thai islands where you will still encounter virgin beaches that offer you privacy and complete relaxation. In Thailand in general, if you want to avoid the crowds, go to smaller islands and completely leave out the resorts on the coast.

Wonderful beaches

When you arrive at the local beaches, look around you, sip a drink of freshly hollowed coconut, so besides a smile you can think of you in paradise. You can expect soft, white sands, crystal clear blue sea, cool sea breeze and bent palm trees on most beaches in Thailand. The most beautiful belong to the islands, which Thailand has an incredible 1,403 and you can get to them by boat, which usually sail three times a day.

Thai cuisine

The local cuisine is renowned all over the world and will surely exceed your expectations. Do not look similar to visiting Asian bistros, here is a completely different dimension. A mix of fresh spices and balanced tastes will irritate your taste buds and quickly win you over. Common ingredients are chicken and pork, fresh caught shrimp and rice or rice noodles. Daredevils can taste untraditional food in the street stalls, for example in the form of exotic insects of varying degrees. Thai national food is Phat tai (pad thai), which are wide rice noodles with tofu, egg and shrimp.

Flymeto - Plovoucí trh Damnoen Saduak nedaleko Bangkoku.

Flymeto - Prodejce thajských nudlí

Smiling people

Local people are helpful, humble and very friendly, which will confirm their constantly smiling faces. That is why Thailand is called the “Land of Smiles”. Thais use contact as a form of communication at the language barrier, so it often happens that they grab you around your shoulders or hand to guide you to a place. At the beginning it will probably surprise you, but after a while you get used to and tune in to the same friendly wave. Young Thai people, however, find that they can speak English well, and because of their nature, they often invite you to a house for a small snack to discuss local customs.

Thai massage

This country is famous for traditional Thai massages. The competition here is so great that you will find a massage offer on every corner and prices start at CZK 120 for a half-hour massage. In Thailand, however, Thai massage is not like a massage. You may encounter a commercial massage that relieves the body, but it is better to find a masseur using the ancient Nuad Borán massage (a technique that combines acupressure and yoga).


Shopping is directly linked to a visit to Thailand, so they can increase the price of the trip considerably. The amount of goods all around will not leave anyone cool, so count on the weight of luggage on the way back to be higher than you might have expected. Carved wooden bowls, genuine silk products, precious metal jewelry and, in fact, everything you can think of can be at a fraction of the price you know from our stores. The Thai people are also known to be excellent tailors, so you can take advantage of their services and get a custom made suit that everyone will envy.

Flymeto - Chinatown, uliceYaowarat, Bangkok, Thajsko

Flymeto - Gibbon (Nomascus leucogenys) ve volné přírodě v Národním parku Keangkrajarn, Thajsko

Nature and trips

National parks in this country occupy an incredible area of 34,500 square kilometers. So if you prefer nature and wildlife, definitely go to at least one of them. It is definitely worth mentioning Kho Yai National Park, it is the third largest park in Thailand. It is located in a mountainous area, which includes grassy plains and all together creates an evergreen forest, which is filled with a large number of species of birds and animals. Very often you can see kingfisher and leaping gibbons.

Here are some tips for islands where you can still meet the unspoiled nature and avoid flushing tourists

Koh Jum Island (sometimes also called Koh Pu) is a small island located between Koh Lanta Island and Krabi and can be reached by ferry. Even if you are looking for information about this island, which is not very much, you will realize that the island of Koh Jum will not be the place where crowds of tourists head. Upon arrival you will feel a quiet and pleasant atmosphere and the local resorts will welcome you with family staff. The view of the empty beaches will force you to throw your luggage into the white sand and run to the sea.

There are a few beach bars where you can relax in a friendly atmosphere. Koh Jum is not a good place for lovers of night life, tourists travel here to relax. Clearly the biggest attraction is the beautiful beaches, which are freely accessible in total six. The view of the azure and calm sea from privacy-friendly beaches will amaze you. Worth seeing is also the local fishing village, where you can get comfortably on a rented scooter, which can practically travel around the island.

Flymeto - Tropická pláž

Flymeto - Krásná pláž s pískem a tyrkysovým mořem, Thajsko

Koh Tao - Turtle Island

Koh Tao certainly has a lot to offer and omit it just because it is relatively crowded would be a shame. Prices on the island are favorable compared to other known islands. If you want to avoid crowds of tourists, we recommend visiting the island the day before the full moon, when the Full Moon Party (giant beach fiesta) takes place on the nearby island of Koh Pha Ngan. This event will be targeted by most young tourists, giving you two days to Koh Tao without crowds. That’s enough for you to visit beautiful depths full of colorful corals and sea animals. You can also see turtles, which are a symbol of the island and thanks to the visibility of the sea up to twenty-five meters you can see the stingray, dolphin and shark.

Koh Phayam

Do you plan to stay longer or settle for a while? In this case, the island of Koh Phayam is a good choice for you. The island is located in the Andaman Sea. On Koh Phayam you will meet many artists, but also Thai people from big cities who come here to relax and spend evenings under the stars in a hammock.

On a carefree island you will not find many luxury resorts or elsewhere ubiquitous supermarkets. On the contrary, the locals will allow you to choose from a range of accommodation designed for longer stays in apartments, which are also affordable. There are also beautiful beaches on this island, and it is worth mentioning Ao Yai, which hosts a cashew nut festival every March, whose plantations, which inherited from generation to generation, can be found all over the island.

Flymeto - Západ slunce na ostrově Koh Phayam, Ranong, Thajsko.

Flymeto - Wat Koh Phayam, ostrov Phayam, Ranong, Thajsko

Flymeto - Pěstování kešu

Koh Koot

(can also be called Ko Kood)

Ko Koot is the easternmost island of Thailand lying almost on the border with Cambodia. In addition to clean and white beaches, the island also offers beautiful inland, tropical nature and beautiful waterfalls. Consider the most beautiful Nam Tok Khlong Chao waterfall.

Although Koh Koot ** is the fourth largest island in Thailand, there is not much to meet with tourists. Although there are several resorts, but this island is one of the places where you will meet the unspoiled nature, untouched by the mass tourism industry. In addition to the tranquility and beautiful beaches, you can enjoy snorkeling, diving, or take the island on a rented scooter.

Flymeto - Vodopády Klong Chao

Flymeto - Ostrov Koh Kood, Thajsko

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