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Thailand is not just beaches ...

Thailand is in addition to beautiful beaches interwoven with rich history and unique monuments, especially in the city of Sukhothai located in the interior of Thailand. You will find lots of historically valuable buildings and a historic park, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Hidden among the hills and surrounded by rice fields, Sukhothai is not surprisingly becoming a popular destination for visitors. The city boasts temple architecture and numerous statues.

In this historical park you will find the most beautiful temple architecture. There are four gates in the walls that border the historic park. The bell that hung in one of them served to summon the king. In the center of the old city you will also see the Royal Palace, which is made up of the Royal Noen Phrasat and the shrine, which is part of the Wat Mahathat complex, the largest and most beautiful temple in Sukhothai.

Southwest of Wat Mahathatu is a Buddhist temple Wat Si Sa Wai, surrounded by walls on three sides. This is where the remains of the Hindu statue of Sayomph were discovered. To the west of Wat Mahathat, there is the Wat Traphang-Ngoen Temple, of which only the square pedestals of columns, the main chapel and Buddha statues have been preserved. Another temple, Wat Traphang-Tong, rises in the middle of the lake, and is stored here imprinted alleged Buddha’s foot.

Perhaps the most famous is the temple of Wat Si Chum, dominated by a shrine, which hides a huge statue of a seated Buddha.

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