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Faro (FAO)

Tavira, the perfect holiday not only for history lovers!

To the west of Faro you will find Tavira, a city known as the City of Churches, with 37 of them.

The most important architectural treasures are the church Misericórdica from the 16th century. and the Palácio de Galeria Palace, the original Romanesque bridge runs across the River Gilão, thanks to which the city gains much in the romantic atmosphere.

Take a day boat trip to the sandy island of Ilha de Tavira, where beautiful sandy beaches await you and only the sea!

Taste the Portuguese national food Bacalhau during your holiday, a delicious baked cod in many ways, and indulge in excellent wine for a delicious lunch.

Lagos is also increasingly sought after by tourists. You can also see the churches Igreja da Santa Maria and Igreja do António, which are considered the jewel of Lagos.

Do not miss the spectacle inside the 17th century Fortaleza da Ponta da Bandeira, which now serves as a museum of overseas discoveries.

Follow the most beautiful and hidden beaches along the coast, hidden beaches offer complete privacy.

At the very end of the Algarve and Portugal lies the tiny village of Sagres, close to Cape Cabo da S. Vicente and Ponta de Sagres, truly picturesque places with impressive views of the sea and coast.

Do not forget to refresh yourself here with the local unique Sagres beer, its taste is equal to our Czech beer, but ask for “serveža kánoka”, ie draft, otherwise you will drink beer in a bottle or a tin.

Set out for a fabulous holiday, where you will experience maximum comfort and relaxation on the beach or sightseeing. Cheap flights are available for you, so you can go to Portugal anytime. Book your tickets today well in advance and save a lot of money!

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